Moustache Brothers

MOUSTACHE BROTHERS is a collection of seven historical novels that tell the stories of a man who returns to one of his greatest battle experiences. The book chronicles a soldier’s journey through Burma during World War II. On his journey he encounters a number of ups and downs. MOUSTACHE BROTHERS was a New York Times bestseller.

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About The Book

I do not like Murty Brothers, at all. In fact, I hated him as a kid, but since I read his books back then, I’ve become a fan. I even started following the Moustache Brothers on Twitter after I discovered his name, I even considered going to Comic Con to meet him.

Murty’s memoirs may not have been all that I wanted them to be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them, at all. I like the Moustache Brothers and I like Murty Brothers’ memoirs. It has been quite a few years since I first read the first book and I would have liked to have read them all again, once I finished the first book. I read the second book of the series just recently, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I cannot wait to start reading the third.

Murty Brothers has produced three memoirs; the first of which I enjoyed, the second I didn’t and the third I hated. One memoir I did enjoy was the second book in the series, The Battle of Muttrah. However, I believe that I only read this memoir because Murty Brothers wants me to. Although the book is the second book in the series, it felt like the third book in the series as I really enjoyed the book. The Battle of Muttrah was also written under Murty Brothers’ name, so it makes sense that I enjoy it so much.

The next memoir is Moustache Brothers’ The Emperor’s Blades. I think that this memoir is best known for the whole story of the King of Wales, Prince Henry.  

What’s inside

Chapter 1

This book also explores the War of Independence, which was a pivotal event in British history. The Imperial Blades is a very long and detailed book and I thought that I read the last two chapters before I had to leave the room. I felt that I should move onto something else, but I needed to finish this book.



The last memoir that I read was Murty Brothers’ Memoirs from Myanma. This memoir was more of a fun book than a memoir. The memoir takes place during an extended family get together in Thailand, during the Thai New Year.

This memoir, I enjoyed reading and it took place in a tropical location in Bangkok.

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About the author.

 I also loved the way that Murty Brothers wrote about his experiences in Burma during WWII. This was my favorite memoir, despite not enjoying the actual events. The memoir could have used a bit more explaining to me about the war, but the way that Murty Brothers explained things was interesting.

While I am still not fond of Murty Brothers, he is very entertaining. I am a huge fan of his and I enjoy reading his memoirs. I think that if I continue to read his other books, I will continue to like him.

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