Zendaya shares that she goes to therapy

He is living one of the best moments of his career to date, but zendaya you are clear about what your priorities should be. The 25-year-old actress is about to release the long-awaited Dune by Denis Villeneuve and the blockbuster by marvel Spider-Man: No way homeTherefore, an intense stage of promotion awaits him in the coming months, which has already begun in Venice and in magazines. For example, it has been the cover of the British version of Vogue and he has shared a detail about his routine that has not left anyone indifferent. “Of course I’m going to therapy. If you have the economic possibility to go, go, I recommend it “, the interpreter has assured. In this way she joins a multitude of well-known faces that speak of the importance of self-care when it comes to mental health, a topic that is too often overlooked.

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“I think it’s a nice thing. There is nothing wrong with working on yourself and deal with things with someone who can help you, someone who can talk to you, who is not your mother, who has no bias, “said Zendaya with sincerity and following the trend of some American athletes such as Naomi Osaka or Simone Biles who have spoken in recent months about their mental health.

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Zendaya, who rose to fame with the Disney Channel series Shake it up, has shared that During the pandemic, he felt for the first time a sadness that was difficult to process: “The one where you get up in the morning and feel bad all day, like ‘what’s going on? What’s this black cloud above me and why can’t I get rid of it?’ But with her therapist, the actress from Euphoria also talks about finances, and how feel like your career may end at any time. “Hope is being able to have a career with financial stability that allows you to do the things you want because you want to work and not have to worry about other things,” he assured during the interview. “But I always have to work because if not everything can disappear tomorrow“.


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Her nerves with money even led her to ask her assistant and friend to take her card during a trip to Greece and spend whatever it was necessary to spend without telling her how much it was. But your anxieties often come from an aspect of your personality that is also the cause of your success: “I think a lot comes from the pressure that I put myself through, I want to do the best I can and not be wrong. I don’t have it under control yet, “he told InStyle in 2020, when he was already open to some extent about his insecurities.


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During her last interview, Zendaya also talks about the high expectations she has in a partner and the difficulties that any man who wants to have something with her would face: has to go through the filter of his father and his brothers, “It’s quite a bummer, good luck to whoever dares.” One day after this talk with the British media, the first images of the actress came out making out with tom holland, the Spider-Man of his Mary Jane, after years of rumors that something else might exist between them.

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Zendaya shares that she goes to therapy

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