Which premieres will arrive on Netflix this August

The summer month par excellence begins. August is synonymous with stopping and disconnecting from everything. And although the number of premieres is not as overwhelmingly extensive as in other months, Netflix does leave us a few titles with a variety of genres in case we have a little free time between so much beach, mountain and pool. Enjoy!.

By Series lists – 28 Jul 2021

August 4th

‘Control Z’ (2nd season)

What’s it about ?: A new semester begins at the National College and It seems that everyone has forgotten about Luis. At least until someone takes control of their social networks and begins to threaten those who turned their life into hell. Will be again Sofia who must find out the identity of the person responsible while increasing the severity of the retaliatory acts, changing the lives of the protagonists forever.

August 6th

‘Hit & run’

What’s it about ?: In this new action thriller, a happily married man’s life is turned upside down when his wife is killed by a mysterious run over on the run in Tel Aviv. Heartbroken and confused, the widower sets out to search for the murderers, who have fled to the United States. With the help of an ex-lover (played by Sanaa Lathan), discovers very disturbing secrets about his wife.

August 13

‘Valeria’ (2nd season)

What’s it about ?: Valeria (Diana Gomez) will be faced with a decision that could mark her future as a writer: hide behind a pseudonym and finally live off his profession or give up the publication of his novel and continue squeezing the inexhaustible world of junk contracts. All this while his love life continues tambaleandose.

‘Forever and ever’

What’s it about ?: In his thirties, Guillaume Lucchesi He thought that he had managed to bury the terrible tragedy in which the two people he loved most died: Sonia, his first love, and Fred, his brother. Ten years later, Guillaume’s life makes sense again thanks to Judith’s love. But when Judith disappears during Guillaume’s mother’s funeral, Guillaume has to face the truths that friends and family have kept from you, and also those that he himself decided to ignore long ago. For the better, but, above all, for the worse.

august 18th

New installment of the documentary series ‘Memories of a murderer’.

‘Memoirs of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes’ (Docuserie)

What’s it about ?: Dennis Nilsen, Britain’s most infamous serial killer, confessed in 1983 have killed fifteen people. Over the course of five years, he tracked down vulnerable boys, lured them home and strangled them, then hid their bodies under the dais. In subsequent decades, many books and documentaries they have speculated on how and why he murdered. This documentary has gained exclusive access to a huge number of personal files left in Nilsen’s cell after his death, including several cassettes with more than 250 hours of unpublished private recordings that allow one to enter the world of the murderer. How did a young man from a quiet Scottish fishing village turn into a ruthless killer who lurked on the streets of London?

August 20th

Sandra Oh has a new series.
Sandra Oh has a new series.

‘The director’

What’s it about ?: Follow the path of the doctor Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) while serving in your new role as director of the English department at the prestigious Pembroke University. What first woman A head of the department and one of the few non-white university staff, Ji-Yoon must deal with unusual problems.

August 23rd

‘The Witcher: the Wolf’s Nightmare’

What’s it about ?: The world of The Witcher expands with this anime story about the origins of Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor. Vesemir is a bully young warlock who leaves behind a life of poverty to dedicate himself to killing monsters for money. Until a strange new being spreads panic in a kingdom mired in political intrigue and Vesemir finds himself embroiled in a terrifying adventure that forces him to face the demons of his past.

august 26

‘Edens Zero’

What’s it about ?: Shiki is a young human who lives surrounded by machines in Granbell, the realm of dreams. His existence was the happiest until Rebecca and Happy, a girl and her blue talking cat, arrive on their planet on one of their trips recording videos for streaming platforms. They soon become friends … and that meeting will change their lives forever!

August, 31

Mario Casas and Blanca Suárez starred in this series that premiered in 2011.
Mario Casas and Blanca Suárez starred in this series that premiered in 2011.

‘The Boat’ (Seasons 1-3)

What’s it about ?: First of the Atresmedia series that this month includes Netflix in full on its platform. In case you haven’t seen a minute of this fiction, we remind you that a global cataclysm caused by a fatal accident in Geneva during the execution of the particle accelerator leads the crew and students of a school ship to live the greatest adventure of their life.

Many of the actors who started on this series are now stars.
Many of the actors who started on this series are now stars.

‘The boarding school’ (Seasons 1-7)

What’s it about ?: Another title that lands on the platform from Atresmedia. Marcos and Paula, two Galician brothers whose parents have disappeared at sea, enter the boarding school Black lagoon under the tutelage of its director, Hector de la Vega. Soon strange events and macabre deaths begin to happen and it seems that Paula, barely 6 years old, is at the center of everything that happens, so his older brother Marcos begins to investigate him along with his classmates.

The students of the Zurbarán institute land on Netflix with all their seasons.
The students of the Zurbarán institute land on Netflix with all their seasons.

‘Physics or Chemistry’ (Seasons 1-7)

What’s it about ?: Ending this triplet of titles, comes a series that marked an era among adolescent audiences. It all starts when in the Zurbarán Madrid Institute new teachers are welcomed, who will have to live with students of all kinds with real problems that will illustrate what happened in the day to day in the Spanish institutes of a decade ago.

Good Girls says goodbye to us with a 4th season.
Good Girls says goodbye to us with a 4th season.

‘Good Girls’ (Season 4)

What’s it about ?: Take the opportunity to enjoy Beth, Ruby the Annie because NBC, the chain in charge of the series in the US, decided to cancel it when these episodes coming to Netflix this month were half airing. Regarding the plot, remember that these are three mothers from the suburbs who live with continuous problems to make ends meet. This terrible situation prompted them to rob a supermarket and changed their lives …


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Which premieres will arrive on Netflix this August

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