What is this disorder?

Olivia Munn has revealed that he suffers fibromyalgia, a disorder common that is characterized by widespread pain of muscles, joints and bones, accompanied by fatigue and problems with sleep, memory and mood that are usually generated by the stress. The Hollywood actress has explained how this disease forever changed her life habits and well-being, when they diagnosed two years ago now. “For a long time I felt pains but I didn’t really know what was happening to me “, the 40-year-old interpreter confesses to People. So, thanks to the help of a team of 5 doctors from the University of California (UCLA), Olivia was able to know exactly what was he facing and how he should deal with it from then on. “I had to change my routines daily significantly “when it comes to eating, he acknowledges.” I started eating gluten free, dairy free and sugar free“, she details, since she was forced to”do without many things The ones I was used to and really liked. “

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In addition, the interpreter of films such as X-Men remember how that diagnosis came in the least opportune moment, since it had an important professional commitment outside the US “Imagine, I was confirmed to have this autoimmune disorder and the next day, I was flying to Italy for a shoot that lasted a month, “says Olivia Munn.” I thought it was all a joke “in bad taste since it had to radically change your diet immediately, and he had to do it now or he was in serious danger to get sick more. “My situation was clear: either I was still on the Same way with the risk of getting worse, or stopped and I was starting to take care of myself“, explains the actress, who reveals how the doctors told her that these were the two options that I had on the table. “So i had no choice“He adds. In this sense, one of the doctors gave Olivia” very interesting “advice, which was neither more nor less than”appreciate your food“because fibromyalgia is closely related to values ​​such as happiness or sadness.

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“You have to look for your intestinal health, but the important thing is that what you eat and drink really enjoy itThat will make a difference, “the doctors told the interpreter, former partner of the actor Álex González.” All the investigations show that, when you are happy, you believe chemicals that are good for the whole body and also for the intestine. When you are not happy and you are doing or eating something that you do not like, you generate substances harmful“, they explained to Olivia, who admits that those words were”very shocking for me“Since then, the protagonist of series such as The Newsroom states that he always eats healthily, drinks three liters of water a day, long ago exercise, blood pressure is measured and strictly complies with all the medical recommendations to feel good, because after all “that’s what really important“, he concludes.

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What is this disorder?

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