What did celebrities work on before they became stars?

Gal Gadot, Harrison Ford and Megan Fox must have made a living in a more


They are recognized around the world, they live eccentric lives and their bank accounts rack up millions. But it was not always like this. Before starring in the best Hollywood movies or touring the most important stages with their music, these celebrities had to row it from below with common jobs and, in more than one case, surprising. From waiters and salespeople to cleaners or lifeguards, everything celebrities did before they rose to stardom.

Harrison Ford, the carpenter

Harrison Ford will be & # xe1;  involved in the new installment of the Indiana Jones saga

Harrison Ford will be involved in the new installment of the Indiana Jones saga

Harrison Ford made a living as a carpenter before making his way into Hollywood

Before Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford he had several interesting jobs. As a young boy, he was a Boy Scout counselor at camp and a sportscaster at his school. However, while waiting for his big break in Hollywood (Ford was already an actor but they only offered him to be an extra), the actor had to think about how to support his family and began with a job that, apparently, he had always had: the carpentry. While he first took care of some arrangements at his home in Los Angeles, he was so good that he quickly became a recommendation from his acquaintances. And the people he knew were movie people, including: director Fred Roos. In the words of the actor himself, his stroke of luck was thanks to a door. Francis Ford Coppola was remodeling his office and a door had to be installed. And of course, Fred Roos called in his trusted carpenter, Harrison Ford. “I said, ‘I will, thank you, but only if I can do it at night. It’s Francis’s office. I like being a carpenter and I like being an actor, but I don’t want to mix the two things ”, confessed the interpreter about his condition to accept the job. The rest is history …

Gal Gadot, combat trainer in the military

Gal Gadot, an actress willing to raise her voice


Gal Gadot: actress, model and former instructor in her country’s army (GROSBY GROUP /)

Before becoming “Wonder Woman”, Gal Gadot had a very striking past. After working as a babysitter and cashier at a renowned hamburger house, the brunette served for two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat trainer. “You give two or three years, and it is not about you, you learn discipline and respect,” he confessed about the experience that clearly served him when it came to embodying his later film roles. After completing her military service, the actress and model studied law and international relations at the University IDC Herzliya, where he graduated with honors.

Quentin Tarantino, the boy from the video store

Quentin Tarantino, the boy from the video store

Quentin Tarantino, the boy from the video store

Quentin Tarantino, the boy from the video store

At 15 years old, Quentin Tarantino dropped out of school to take acting classes. However, somehow he had to pay for them and so he went to work at a video store in Manhattan Beach. There, Quentin spent most of his time observing which films people chose the most, an experience that served as a source of inspiration for his later career as a director. “When people ask me if I went to film school, I tell them: ‘No, I went to the cinema,’” he argues with a humorous tone. And while recommending movies, the director of Pulp Fiction got into the porn industry. At the age of 16, he accompanied the owner of a magazine to collect back issues in the newsstands and at 20 he was already working as an usher in a triple X cinema. Today, despite being one of the most renowned scriptwriters and directors of the industry, Tarantino continues to venture into other facets, since it has its own brand of tobacco called Red Apple. In fact, in most of his films we can see how his characters consume those cigarettes.

Megan Fox, the banana woman

Today Megan Fox is a superstar

Today Megan Fox is a superstar

Megan Fox worked at an ice cream parlor

The famous actress from Transformers he also had a normal job before becoming a Hollywood icon. Her first job was at an ice cream shop as a cashier. However, once a week she had to help promote the business and dress up, something of which she is not very proud but remembers with great grace. “The only real job I’ve ever had was in a small Florida ice cream parlor as a cashier. Every Friday someone had to dress like a piece of fruit and promote near the road, “he revealed. Megan Fox a while ago in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. What fruit was she disguising herself as? “I was a giant banana. It was something weird because the only part of my body that you could see was my face, “he recalled, laughing.

George Clooney, the shoe salesman

George Clooney cont & # xf3;  in an interview what plan he should come up with so that his twins, Ella and Alexander, behave well, especially in times of parties

George Clooney told in an interview what plan he should devise so that his twins, Ella and Alexander, behave well, especially during the holidays.

George Clooney was a salesman of women’s shoes before he became a Hollywood hunk

Before becoming one of the most sought-after hotties on the big screen, George Clooney he had all kinds of jobs. Although his entry into the world of entertainment came from the cradle (his father Nick Clooney was a journalist and television presenter and his aunt Rosemary, a singer and actress), his true dream was to play baseball. That was how at 16 he joined the team Reds de Cincinatti, but not being too successful, he decided to change his course and follow in his father’s footsteps. While studying journalism at the Nothern Kentucky University, the actor did everything to solve himself: he sold women’s shoes, car insurance and cigarettes. He even worked as a waiter and a bricklayer.

Sylvester Stallone, the lions’ best friend

Sylverter Stallone


Sylverter Stallone used to clean the lion cage at the zoo to earn a few bucks (Instagram /)

Before getting into the ring turned into the emblematic Rocky, Sylvester Stallone he earned his living in a very particular way. The young and aspiring actor cleaned the lion cages at the Central Park Zoo in New York to get by on a day-to-day basis. His first approach to art was later selling tickets at the Baronet Theater, until in 1970 he made his debut in a porn movie to pay for his drama classes. As he told Playboy magazine, financial need forced him to make that decision, since at that time he had only twenty dollars in his bank account.

Ashton Kutcher, the cleaning boy

Today is Ashton Kutcher's birthday

Ashton Kutcher’s birthday today

The gallant donated his blood in exchange for a few dollars to make ends meet

Ashton Kutcher she gave up biomedical engineering to pursue her dream in the world of modeling and acting. However, despite her beauty and charisma, at first it was not easy and Carilindo had to work as a cleaner, sweeping the floor in a cereal factory. However, that was not his weirdest job. As he did not make ends meet, the protagonist of Two and a Half Men he donated his blood in exchange for money to survive.

Jake Gyllenhaal, the beach keeper

Jake Gyllenhall


Jake Gyllenhall used to spend his summers as a lifeguard before becoming famous (AFP /)

Yes OK Jake Gyllenhaal He was born into a family of artists (he is the son of director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner and nephew of director Robert Achs), his parents always took care of keeping him grounded. For this reason, and while he was training academically, both insisted that the young man work and be self-sufficient. During the year he worked as a waiter at the restaurant of a family friend and in the summer months he wore the lifeguard suit on the beach. Fortunately, Gyllenhaal did not have to live dangerous situations at sea but did help a woman who was stung by a jellyfish on one of her legs.

Beyoncé, the queen of manes

Beyoncé, la peluquera


Beyoncé, the hairdresser (COLUMBIA RECORDS /)

Before rising to fame with the Destiny’s Children, Beyoncé worked as an assistant in her mother’s beauty salon, called Mama Tina. While she first started by sweeping her hair off the ground, her artistic side was stronger and urged her to go for more. The singer perfected her haircut and hairstyle, becoming one of the best hairdressers in the place. Talent that we can see every time he takes the stage with his magnificent looks.

Brad Pitt, the dancing chicken

Brad Pitt and a different Christmas


Brad Pitt dressed up as a chicken when he worked at a fast food joint (GROSBY GROUP /)

Brad Pitt He didn’t become a star overnight. Although he now leads the ranking of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, his path was not easy and he had to make several sacrifices to fulfill his dream. The truth is that – with a degree in journalism under his arm – Pitt worked delivering refrigerators and as a limousine driver while he waited for the industry to open its doors to him. Your most curious job? When he had to promote a Mexican food restaurant, “El pollo loco”, disguised as a giant bird. His mission: to catch clients on the streets of Los Angeles.

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What did celebrities work on before they became stars?

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