Treviso, yes! Stormers beaten in comeback on Urc debut

South Africans put under in the second half with the goals of Nemer and Menoncello (born in 2002)

Benetton Treviso is not the one of the 16 consecutive defeats of the last Pro 14. It looks more like the team that won the Rainbow Cup in June. It is the answer to the question posed by the debut in the Urc-United Rugby Championship, deservedly won in a comeback 22-18 (pt 7-11) against the Dhl Stormers of Cape Town. The Venetian club puts South Africans under the punk-rock rhythm of the new anthem “Leoni” written by the band “Rumatera”, which among other things sings: “Our heart is in the game / With green and white for life / Big lions with us always with you / All of Treviso with our flies “. And the Treviso public returned to the stadium for the first time to cheer after the doors close for Covid.

First half

The Stormers score cold in the 1 ‘: the center Pretorius realizes a kick pass to the first action (0-5). Benetton reacts immediately and plays the game all the time, occupying the field and controlling possession. It does not reap when sown, also due to indiscipline (7 fouls to 4). After a wrong kick by Albornoz (8 ‘) the Treviso players overtake on 15’ with the beautiful goal of Lucchesi: opening off for Tavuyara, combination in the hand Chaparro-Zulian and blue hooker freed for the solitary gallop from mid-field (7-5 ). Then three dangerous actions wasted: a break by Zuliani (one of the best, out due to injury in the second half) from Favretto’s start from the scrum and two entries in the 22 meters frustrated by a held and a forward. So the South Africans, the three times they put their foot back in the rival field, monetize with two 40-meter kicks by Libbok (7-11) and eat a try at 28 ‘for forward.

Second half

Treviso picks up what is sown in the second half. Thanks to the overturning of the indiscipline (2 to 6), to the contribution of the bench (2 tries by the newcomers, stronger scrum) and to the extinction of the defensive ability of the Stormers to hunt balls in the ruck. In the past it was the foreign teams that went out at a distance due to physical condition, wear and tear of the opponents and cynicism in making the opportunities come true. This time it’s the Italian team.

Final overtaking

But not before another bugbear. The initial goal, as in the first half, of Nel on an assist from Pretorius, propitiated by a too easy first scrum phase (7-18). It’s the Stormers greatest advantage. Another goal, in the forays of the excellent third line Ross or in the plays offshore, and the result would be closed. Instead, Benetton has the strength to resist and return to attack with the penaltouche. From one of these at 18 ‘the maul of the goal of Nemer was born (14-18). A 40-meter kick by Albornoz in the 21st minute to keep Treviso in the wake (17-18). At 27 ‘failed attempt by Albornoz (3/6 for him). On the 31 ‘he managed to overtake with an infinite multiphase in the 22 meters, played “free” for an advantage and concretized off the 2002 class by Tommaso Menoncello (22-18), symbol of this young Benetton.

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Treviso, yes! Stormers beaten in comeback on Urc debut

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