Treviso takes the derby with Venice. Brindisi beats Sassari: Gaspardo’s show

Coach Menetti’s team, driven by an excellent Sims, signs the second win in a row. With 7 triples of the blue wing Vitucci finds success

The Venetian derby goes to Treviso, that of the Casarin to his son Davide. The team of coach Max Menetti wins with merit, in front for most of the game, also touching +17. Venice is not beautiful, but it has the gift of never giving up: when everything seems lost, it relies on the plays of De Nicolao and Tonut, who reopen the match with triple. In the final Treviso trembles, but takes her home and enjoys the temporary solo lead. The balance only lasts in the opening minutes when, despite a dominant Sims (immediately 7 points and 5 rebounds), Reyer gets away with the inventions of Brooks and Tonut. Dimsa’s triple in transition marks the first Treviso break (12-7): Venezia pulls too badly to return and not even the defense is perfect, so Coach Menetti’s team flies away, playing fast and capitalizing on the attacks. The first quarter ends 25-15 and it takes a while for Venice to bring out the depth of its bench: first it clings to Sanders, then to Watt, but the real difference is the defense. Eight points awarded in ten minutes and at half-time the match is completely reopened (33-31). However, the Venetian attack fails: the second half begins and the Treviso attack wakes up, with the triples of Dimsa and the baskets of Bortolani. It is a deadly crescendo, with Russell exasperating the rhythms and his companions taking advantage of it. The advantage returns to double figures (47-37) and Venice sweats every attack: Treviso reaches +14, before closing the third set at 57-46. De Nicolao tries to keep up the lagoon with three triples in a row, but Sokolowski also adjusts his aim and Treviso still has gasoline: Russell pushes again for +17, but Tonut tries to ruin the party with eleven points in a row, which reopen the match (73-68 with 2’12 ”to play). The finish is very hot, also because Sokolowski makes 1/4 to the free throws: Philip’s triple is worth -2 with less than 20 ”on the clock, but Akele and Russell close it from the line.
(Alberto Mariutto)
Treviso: Dimsa 15, Russell and Sims 14, Akele and Bortolani 10
Venezia: Tonut 20, De Nicolao 12, Philip e Watt 9

Toast of coach Vitucci beats Sassari playing with authority but risking to ruin everything in the final. Great protagonist of the race is Gaspardo, author of 29 points in 27 ‘with 4/4 from 2 and 7/8 from 3. Ready, via the Dinamo is immediately in the game. The aim of Bendzius from the bow together with the energy of Gentile contain the high-paced start of Brindisi, which presents Redivo in quintet (called to overtime also for the absence of the scoundered Zanelli) and the couple Josh Perkins-Gaspardo inspired by three points. At 7 ‘Brindisi changes gears and with a hail of triples (8/9 in the first quarter) significantly extends up to +12 (30-18), with Gaspardo able to pack a sumptuous 4/4. Under the basket is the duel between Nick Perkins and Mekowulu to hold the bench, with the Nigerian busy demonstrating that he has taken the measures to his opponent after the lesson in the Super Cup. Dinamo, however, struggled to find the way to the basket: Logan thrown into the fray is tarnished and unable to provide the gear change. Battle arranges as best he can to keep his team in tow (15 ‘, 41-31). Cavina tries to shuffle the cards with the area, but the hosts manage to keep the quality high with the men on the bench. Chappel at 2 ‘from the long interval signs the new maximum advantage (50-36) consolidating a precious 70% from the arc against the scarce 25% of the opponents. Upon returning to the field, the aim of the Happy House becomes lopsided as well as the lucidity in the game choices. Banco took advantage of this to make up for it (24 ‘, 54-48) with Gentile leading the comeback. It takes only two minutes to put the gears back in place and to start again to grind points and play 28 ‘, (65-53) with Gaspardo at 21 points in 22’. The game seems to be in full control, but Banco comes back alive and scares Brindisi (76-72) with a triple from Clemmons, the best of the guests. However, the immense Gaspardo thinks about it with 5 points in a row to definitively close the practice by launching Brindisi for an exciting final game.
(Giuseppe Mazzone)
Brindisi: Gaspardo 29, Adrian 17, J. Perkins 16
Sassari: Clemmons 15, Mekowulu 13, Battle 12, Bendzius 11, Burnell 10

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Treviso takes the derby with Venice. Brindisi beats Sassari: Gaspardo’s show

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