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No film defines the unprecedented turn of events in Hollywood in light of the pandemic better than No Time to Die, the 25th official entry in Eon’s iconic James Bond franchise. Pushed back a third time to fall 2021, Daniel Craig‘s swan song as the most enduringly popular character in film history has been in the news for ages. The setbacks have done little to diminish fans’ excitement, though; we’re still eagerly awaiting what’s sure to be a thunderously dramatic finale to the modern Bond era. To help tide you over until the picture’s newly announced fall release date, we’re bringing you a guide to one of the most anticipated movies of 2020…that’s now one of the most anticipated movies of 2021.

Here’s everything we know about No Time to Die, the long-delayed but still hotly anticipated 25th 007 film.

When is No Time to Die’s release date?

Following multiple high-profile setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic, No Time to Die (a.k.a. “Bond 25“) will be released in the U.S. on Oct. 8, 2021; an international rollout (including Bond’s native U.K.) begins a week prior, Sept. 30.

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What is the plot of No Time to Die?

Five years after the events of Spectre, Bond is living a retired life in Jamaica away from secret service when he’s approached by his most trusted international ally, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), about a mysterious case of a missing scientist and powerful technology. Aside from that framework, Eon has intentionally remained mum on any official plot details about the film.

How long is No Time to Die?

No Time to Die’s running time is reportedly a whopping 163 minutes—making it the longest Bond flick ever, beating previous record holder Spectre by 13 minutes. It’s nearly a full hour longer than the shortest Bond film, 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

(Nicola Dove / DANJAQ / MGM)

How much did No Time to Die cost to make?

The picture has a reported budget of $250 million, making it one of the most expensive films ever made.

Who directed No Time to Die?

Bond 25 is directed by Beasts of No Nation and True Detective helmer (and lifelong Bond fan) Cary Joji Fukunaga. The production of No Time to Die—as is the case for most Bond films—was turbulent, but Bond’s producers have been outspoken in their positive assessment of Fukunaga. Longtime series producer Michael G. Wilson told WSJ Magazine the director has delivered “a classic Bond film,” and that he and producer Barbara Broccoli want to bring the filmmaker back for another entry.

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Who wrote No Time to Die?

The screenplay is credited to four writers: series vets Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, Fukunaga and widely acclaimed Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Who’s in the No Time to Die cast?

Craig returns in his final turn as the world’s most famous spy. In addition, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Rory Kinnear all return as MI6 staff. Knives Out breakout star Anna of Arms joins the cast as sexy CIA agent Paloma. Oscar-winner Rami Malek is mysterious supervillain Safin.

The most notable returning cast member is Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann. No Time to Die is the first Bond movie of a post-#MeToo era, and here is the series adapting; Seydoux is the first Bond girl to appear twice. What’s more, she’s crucial to the plot—from her complicated love affair with Bond, and her connection to his adopted brother and nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz).

MGM/ Eon
(MGM/ Eon)

Who’s the new 007?

Another key new cast member is Lashana Lynch as MI6 agent Nomi, who’s taken the codename 007 in Bond’s half-decade absence. Lynch was a standout in the otherwise meh Captain Marvel; her understated intelligence and imposing physicality make her perfect for a part in the Bond franchise.

How much did Daniel Craig get paid for No Time to Die?

Craig was reportedly paid $25 million for his final appearance as Bond (about ten times what he made for his first Bond performance in 2006’s Casino Royale). It’s not surprising to hear Craig received such high compensation for No Time to Die—especially after famously saying Spectre would be his last.

Who performs the title track “No Time to Die?”

Grammy-winning Angeleno phenomenon Billie Eilish performs the movie’s title track, a haunting, thematically dark, piano-infused rocker co-written with brother FINNEAS.

Eilish is the youngest artist ever to record a Bond song, at 18 years old, and her “No Time to Die” has been met with critical acclaim. In our book, it’s the best Bond track since “A View to a Kill” 35 years ago. It’s at once very Billie (expertly controlled whispering, emoting beyond her years) and very Bond (brass, strings, opulence). An Oscar seems perfectly plausible.


Is Dr. No in No Time to Die?

From an unmistakable gunmetal kimono to a hand deformity, Malek’s Safin bears a striking resemblance to Bond’s first (onscreen, anyway) ally, Dr. Julius No. Malek and other cast members haven’t denied or confirmed that Safin is No, though. Rather playfully, we might add. At this point, it’s rumor and speculation. What’s been unanimously expressed by the filmmakers is that Safin is one of Bond’s most terrifying adversaries to date, truly able to get under 007’s skin.

Does James Bond die in No Time to Die?

Another rumor that’s followed No Time to Die around for some time is the possible death of Bond. Before Fukunaga took over the directing reins, there was a famous blowout between producers Broccoli, Wilson and Bond 25’s original director, Danny Boyle. In the press, the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire helmer said a major source of contention was the producers wanted to kill Bond off. We don’t know if such a shocking conclusion made it to the final cut, however.

What major plot twists of No Time to Die do we know already?

(Spoilers, obviously!)

There’s one (officially rumored, but heavily so) dynamite plot element in No Time to Die we’ve never seen in six previous decades of Bond. After a call sheet for No Time to Die landed on eBay, it appeared the spy now has a child, a young girl named Mathilde. The Craig era has received acclaim for giving Bond a richer character than ever before (at least onscreen). This seems like a natural progression, and a hell of a way to raise the stakes.

Is No Time to Die coming to theaters, streaming or both?

Despite the headline-grabbing acquisition of MGM and Bond by Amazon, No Time to Die is getting an exclusively theatrical worldwide release this fall. Let’s face it: the only way to experience a film of this size (there are few out there, relatively speaking) is on the biggest screen we can find.

So…is No Time to Die going to be good?

Months and months of delays have led to seemingly endlessly speculation and hype. So many of us just want to know: Is this going to be a good movie? Craig is arguably the best Bond actor ever, but his tenure has been hit-and-miss: Casino Royale and Skyfall are among the best in the series, Quantum of Solace and Spectre significantly less well-remembered.

Well, here’s some promising news. According to Deadline, those outside of MGM who’ve seen No Time to Die say it’s “amazing” and well worth the wait. So there you have it. This will all be worth it if we get a Bond classic worthy of Goldfinger, Casino Royale or Skyfall.

What comes after No Time to Die?

The rumor mill is always buzzing, but right now there is no official word on who will play Bond next, or when the next movie is coming out—but this we know for sure: James Bond will return.

Is there a new trailer for No Time to Die?

Yes, just over a month before the long, long-awaited release, we have a final trailer for No Time to Die. It plays like an extended homage to Craig’s tenure, which is deserved. By now everyone pretty much agrees he’s either the best Bond since Connery or the straight-up G.O.A.T. 007. We also get some glimpses at dazzling action sequences by land, sea and air—and the relationships between Bond, his love, his allies and the villains appear to be more emotionally-charged than ever.

What’s perhaps most remarkable about the trailer—and this entire, two-year, frankly unprecedented advertising campaign—is the total lack of spoilers. Beyond the rumor mill, we still know very little about the film’s plot.

The hype never really died down. We’re still extremely excited to see No Time to Die when it opens Oct. 8.

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