Titans actor thinks the DC series is better than Avengers: Infinity War

Very controversial statements have been made by Alan Ritchson; it seems that the man wants to see the world burn and be subjected to the wrath of the fans. Ritchson has said (via Heroic Hollywood) than the new Titans series – 84% is far superior to Avengers: Infinity War – 79%. The 33-year-old actor is in charge of playing Hawk, and justified his idea by noting that characters without superpowers make a good story.

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In both the comics and the series, Hawk teams up with Dove, who in Spanish are known as Halcón and Alondra, a heroic vigilante duo of the city. Hawk is violent and volatile in temperament, with a toxic masculinity load and some insecurity, characteristics that make him very effective during a fight but unbearable in the interactions of everyday life.

I think I’m really excited for fans to finally get a really raw and human look on superheroes. I think that, for me, the reason I am not going to see the Infinity War movies or whatever, is because there is nothing at risk. Everybody feels invincible all the time.

Ritchson He also talked about his character:

You know, I play a superhero without superpowers. How cool is that? I still remember the first episode I recorded, episode 1.02. We were Brad Anderson, the director, and me. […] I thought something like, “Ok, we’ve never had this conversation before so I said…“ flight? What are my superpowers? Am I super strong? Can I manage to jump that wide? ” And he says something like, “Good question, good question. Yes. We go without superpowers. And I said, “Okay, okay! That informs me a lot! “

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Ritchson He commented that he is basically in charge of giving life to a man without superpowers, which he thinks is something great. For him, everything interesting lies in human complexity. He thinks that others can feel identified with the pain and sorrow that a hero without powers can go through, with truly human problems.

The actor’s words can be somewhat provocative, considering the number of fans that the Avengers franchise has. But beyond itself Ritchson tell the truth or not, we would have to sit down and analyze the way a story is told. The adventure of the Avengers may be entertaining and easy to digest, but that does not mean that these superheroes feel invincible and have easy things; We have already witnessed Thor’s vulnerability, or Captain America’s doubts about feeling lost in time. Nor are we going to discard what the characters without powers offer, for example Batman (whose superpower is not any supernatural but that of being a millionaire), who stands out for the struggles he has with himself, and for the various feelings of guilt he carries.

In the end, the prospects are vast, and everyone is free to decide what seems best, or most interesting.

Titans It has already released its first three episodes on the DC Universe platform; the season is made up of thirteen. The series stars Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft y Ryan Potter.

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Titans actor thinks the DC series is better than Avengers: Infinity War

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