Three movies to watch this weekend on Netflix

With the return to the city and the goodbye to the beach, our desire to see movies has multiplied considerably. If you are also one of those who hate searching and searching and not finishing deciding on anything, in Readings we bring you three perfect movies to enjoy on the weekend of August 10, 11 and 12.

Three series to watch this weekend on Netflix

Three series to watch this weekend on Netflix


Just arrived on the platform, Netflix released the film ‘Winter Bay’ on September 8. A story focused on youth and love that reiterates, once again, the commitment to this type of fiction, which continues to multiply.

Netflix releases September 2021: new series and movies

Netflix releases September 2021: new series and movies


With back to school, ‘Super nerds’ eIt’s the perfect fiction to watch this weekend, as it starts from a high school. This comedy flees from the teenage comedies that often reach Hollywood by telling the story of two excellent students who, on the eve of high school, regret not having partied anymore. Finally, if you are a sports lover, the documentary: ‘Sports secrets: break point’ is your choice.

Winter bay

Winter bay

Netflix has once again bet on one of the themes that is giving him the most joy in recent times, youth romances, with ‘Winter Bay’. The video-on-demand platform premiered the film, set in Stockholm, on September 8 and, since then, it has become a subscriber favorite.

Winter Bay Synopsis

Inspired by the homonymous novel by Marta Wahl, Winter Bay tells the love story of Elisabeth and John-John, two young people who live in Stockholm but whose lives could not be more different, since there is an economic, social and economic abyss between them. cultural. While she leads a life of luxury, he couldn’t be more humble. However, everything changes when they meet in the same high school class. From there, they will live a wonderful and complicated love story.

Characters from ‘Winter Bay’

Directed by Alexis Almström, ‘Winter Bay’ marks the arrival on the video-on-demand platform of some Swedish actors hitherto unknown to the general public. The feature film stars Elsa Öhrn and Mustapha Aarab, those in charge of giving life to Elisabeth and John-John, two young people with very different lives who end up falling in love. Joining them will also appear Jonay Pineda Skallak, Magnus Krepper, Loreen, Albin Grenholm, Simon Mezher, Elsa Bergström Terent, Josef Kadim and Yohannes Frezgi.

Why see ‘Winter Bay’?

Inspired by a novel that has not stopped reaping good comments since it was released, ‘Winter Bay’ is a series that revolves around youth. A theme that has not stopped succeeding in recent months on Netflix, which has series such as ‘Elite’ or ‘Sex Education’. In the case of this movie, introduces the viewer to a beautiful love story in which, despite wanting to be together, the protagonists will have to face the great social, cultural and economic differences that stand between them.

Super nerds

With back to school just around the corner, nothing better for this weekend than to recover a movie that takes place right between the walls of a center with many students: ‘Super nerds’ (or ‘Booksmart’). Released on March 10, 2019, the feature is available on Netflix.

Synopsis of ‘Super nerds’

The movie ‘Super Nerds’ tells the story of Amy and Molly, two excellent students and great friends who, on the eve of their high school graduation, realize that they could have done a little less effort in class and had more fun outside of the classrooms. Thus, both decide to do something about it to make up for so many hours brooding: recover the years lost in a crazy night that they will never forget.

Protagonists of ‘Super nerds’

First feature by the interpreter Olivia Wilde, who is premiering as a director, the real stars of ‘Super Nerds’ are Amy and Molly, two students about to graduate from high school, behind whom are the interpreters Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. However, the feature film is full of familiar faces and young talents that cannot be lost sight of, such as Billie Lourd or Skyler Gisondo.

Why watch ‘Super Nerds’?

‘Super nerds’ garnered great words from the critics after its premiere in theaters in 2019. The film is a teenage comedy very different from what usually comes from Hollywood thanks to the fact that everything is very measured. The casting becomes its strong point in which the essence of the two protagonists permeates each of the scenes. The feature film shows its cards with great agility and seeks balance at all times.

Sports secrets: break point

Secrets of the sport.  Break point

Netflix has bet throughout the summer on a series of documentaries related to sports in which stories related to this world are analyzed from an unpublished perspective. From tennis to basketball, this past September 7th, ‘Sports secrets: break point’ was released, an essential feature film for all those who love the subject.

Synopsis of ‘Sports secrets: break point’

The documentary ‘Sports secrets: break point’ reviews the life of the athlete Mardy Fish. From his foray into the world of tennis at the prestigious Saddlebrook Academy to his abandonment of the sport to the surprise of all when he was the best-placed American tennis player in the ATP rankings. He withdrew from public life almost entirely for several years after he was diagnosed with a serious anxiety disorder. A disease that he later made public to help other athletes.

Protagonists of ‘Secrets of sport: break point’

The documentary ‘Secrets of sport: break point’ has the essential testimony of its true protagonist: Mardy Fish. The current United States coach for the Davis Cup describes his anxiety as a daily battle that he wins every day in a story that runs through his life. Especially his struggle and his withdrawal from a sport that he loved and left in what was the best moment of his career.

Why watch ‘Sports secrets: break point’?

The documentary series ‘Sports Secrets’ tells stories widely known to all sports fans, but in a way that viewers have never heard. Beyond the headlines, the producers give voice to the real protagonists. In the case of Mardy Fish, the former tennis player explains a problem that, during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, has become very prominent: mental health. In her case, her fight against anxiety counts.

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Three movies to watch this weekend on Netflix

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