The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf: 10 Recognizable Voice Actors (And How You Know Them)

The latest edition of the world of The Witcher it’s the Netflix movie, The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf. Centered on Vesemir, a warlock who will be introduced in the second season of the Netflix series, the film explores his past and adds more substance to the history of the warlocks.

With the film that resembles the dark nature of Castlevania from Netflix while inserted into the Witcher universe, Nightmare Of The Wolf brings in another stellar cast of voice actors to bring the roles to life, with some of the voices being more familiar and recognizable than others.

10 Vesemir shares the voice of Theo James with Hector from Castlevania

Vesemir’s starring role in The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf features the voice of Theo James. James was one of the main actors of the series Divergent -including Insurgent and Allegiant-and most recently he excelled in his role as Hector’s voice actor inCastlevania de Netflix .

Although Hector is somewhat duller compared to Vesemir, James’ voice lends itself well to both roles, using a range that encompasses calm, wit, anger, and anguish. Theo James’ interpretations in Castlevania and The Witcher suggest that his adventure as a voice actor may be on the horizon.

9 Luke Youngblood’s versatility has taken him everywhere

Sugo is the noble boy who survives the initial massacre of the movie The Witcher, who comments on Vesemir’s work and ends up informing Tetra. It’s a small role, but no less important, adding to Luke Youngblood’s versatile career.

Luke’s career has been filled with variety, with his most notable roles including Quidditch commentator Lee Jordan from the movies. the Harry Potter and the one-sentence man from Community, Magnitude. The British actor hasn’t been in too many roles since his acting debut in 1997, but add The Witcher to the list is still impressive.

8 Nolan North brings his experience to minor roles in this movie

Known for his countless roles in the world of voice acting, with masterpieces from video games, cartoons, and other animation shows, Nolan North lends his voice to The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf. North voices several minor characters, such as a Handsome Gentleman, a Salesman, and Bevin.

The masterful Nolan North was Nathan Drakeon the serie Uncharted and Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed, to name just two of the many iconic roles he’s played over the years.

7 Tom Canton adequately plays Filavandrel in both the movie and the Netflix series

If you have recognized the voice of the elf Filavandrel in The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, it’s because he was voiced by the same actor who played the character in the Netflix series: Tom Canton.

The fact that the same actor plays both roles brings the two mediums closer despite the time difference, and it certainly makes Filavandrel seem like a more timeless character. In both cases, the only thing Filavandrel cares about is providing a future for those in need, and more specifically for the elves.

6 Matthew Yang King brings some comic relief to Wolf’s Nightmare with Luka

Vesemir’s charismatic warlock and friend Luka is played by Matthew Yang King. Matthew appeared in several episodes of Riverdale. He also voiced minor characters in video games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding, not forgetting his role as Tokugawa in Baki.

Despite not being in any particularly groundbreaking role, Matthew Yang King has a very defined and recognizable voice, which fits perfectly with the carefree and ambitious Luka.

5 Jennifer Hale voices young Illyana and Commander Shepard

Jennifer Hale is another voice actress considered a veteran in the business, having lent her voice to many video game, anime, and cartoon characters. On The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, Jennifer Hale voices Illyana, her young self before her aging form of Lady Zerbst.

The voice is immediately recognized as that of Commander Shepard from the series Mass Effect, and Hale is capable of expressing authority and confidence, but also enthusiasm and excitement.

4 Steve Blum’s little cameo is easy to miss despite being the iconic voice of Spike Spiegel

In a case that might go unnoticed if the viewer doesn’t pay close attention, the voice briefly given to the monster Leshy, also known as Leshen especially in games, belongs to Steve Blum.

Steve Blum has lent his voice to so many video games, anime, and cartoons that it is impossible to list them all. The list includes Ignis in Promar, Spike Spiegel en Cowboy Bebop and Brimstone in the video game Valuing, to name just a few. He is considered a legend in the world of voice acting.

3 Mary McDonnell Voices Vesemir’s old love, Lady Zerbst

Lady Zerbst is revealed to be a grown-up, elderly Illyana from Vesemir’s past, before Vesemir became a sorcerer. He becomes a voice of reason doing what he can to override any conversation about the extermination of the warlocks. It’s heartbreaking to see her interact with her love, Vesemir, all these years later, without Vesemir getting as old as she does.

Her voice is provided by Mary McDonnell, whose previous roles include that of President Laura Roslin in Battlestar Galactica and Rose Darko’s in Donnie Darko. Her voice lends itself well to a strong older woman who goes out of her way to do what she thinks is right.

2 Lara Pulver gives life to the sorceress Tetra

Lara Pulver, who debuted in the BBC series Robin Hood in 2009, has since appeared on television series such as True Blood, Sherlock and Spooks and in movies like On the edge of tomorrow and Underworld. She has even lent her voice to Lady Elissa Forrester in Game Of Thrones de Telltale and Mirana in the recent Netflix series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood.

On The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, Lara voices Tetra Gildcrest, a cunning sorceress who serves as both an ally and an enemy to warlocks throughout the film.

1 Graham McTavish adds Deglan to a growing list of iconic roles

Graham McTavish has an impressive range. From a supporting role in Rambo even playing the mighty dwarf Dwalin in The Hobbit, McTavish also voiced the formidable Dracula inCastlevania de Netflix.

McTavish not only voices Deglan in Nightmare of itbo, but has also been cast to be Dijkstra in the upcoming second series of the Netflix series of The Witcher. The roles do not end here, as he is also scheduled to participate in the next spinoff of Game of Thrones, House Of The Dragon.

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The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf: 10 Recognizable Voice Actors (And How You Know Them)

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