The tribute to Platini, the goal Baggio: Dybala and the numbers 10 Juve, who is the greatest? RATE IT

Joya can now aspire to join the prestigious club, which also includes Sivori, Del Piero and Zidane (who actually had 21 on his shoulders). But there is still a way to go

A tribute to Platini, after having overtaken him in the ranking of Juventus scorers of all time. A look at Baggio, the next totem to be overcome. A television curtain with Del Piero, friend and inspiration. On Tuesday evening, Paulo Dybala took a walk in the number 10 Avenue of Juve: it is an exclusive address, access reserved only to champions with a high level of footballing nobility.

Five legends

In 124 years of history, the Old Lady has enjoyed five phenomena that have carried the number 10 on their shoulders with absolute class or, if it was already occupied, have in any case perfectly interpreted its technical values ​​and also its mystique. In order of appearance: Omar Sivori, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Zinedine Zidane (who wore 21). Paulo Dybala aspires to be the sixth. Essential premise: Joya has yet to complete her path and for the moment she is behind the other champions. He is the only one not to have won an international trophy (apart from Sivori, but that was really a very different era in which Juve didn’t care much about what happened across the border) and to have been questioned by the same club. However, only Baggio and the unreachable Del Piero remained in the ranking of all-time goalscorers in front of him. His central role in the new Juve, combined with undoubted technical qualities and the captain’s armband that certifies his attachment to the club and also a certain weight in the locker room, allows him to submit a regular application for admission to Viale dei numbers 10.

Something for everyone

Comparisons between different eras, even if in some cases very close, are little more than a fun game. And the players we are talking about also held different roles or interpreted them in a different way and in contexts that were certainly not similar. But it is natural to wonder (and ask the Juventus fans) who was the strongest or at least the most loved. Time travel brings to mind the wonderful dribbling of Sivori, the best in this specialty together with Baggio, who was perhaps the purest talent ever. Platini, director and goalscorer, was sublime and innovative in his interpretation of the role: Michel marked an era, just like Del Piero. Alessandro broke all records by raising the bar to levels that are difficult to reach. No one was as attentive to the needs of teammates as Zidane, wonderful in making his technical and physical qualities available while also sacrificing personal glory. Dybala, despite being below these phenomena, has something of everyone: a dry dribbling like Sivori or Baggio, Del Piero’s mastery in free-kicks, the taste in starting from behind like Platini did, the ease in dialogue with his teammates and cleanliness in the passages of Zizou. We don’t do rankings, any kind of ranking in cases like this is subjective. Let’s just hazard a few definitions, opening the debate. The strongest? Michel. The biggest? Alexander. The most talented? Roberto. The most elegant? Zizou. The most unpredictable? Omar.

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The tribute to Platini, the goal Baggio: Dybala and the numbers 10 Juve, who is the greatest? RATE IT

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