The success of La casa de papel gives international projection to its protagonists

Last Friday the first five chapters of the latest season of The Money Heist . According to the observational data company Smartme Analytics, in Spain, the payment chain obtained a 10.6% audience, ranking third, behind Telecinco (26.2%) and Antena 3 (16.5%). But of the 10.6% of Netflix viewers, 8.6% followed the theft from the Bank of Spain on the day of the premiere.

The series of the gang of robbers in red jumpsuits and Dalí’s mask has been and is a worldwide phenomenon, which has turned its protagonists into stars. Álvaro Morte, The Professor, had already worked as such before dedicating himself to acting, in schools in Cádiz and San Fernando. Came to The Money Heist after having participated in numerous series since 2002, such as Bandolier, Loving is forever O The secret of Puente Viejo . After leading the gang in the Mint heist he arrived The jetty . In November it will premiere on Amazon Prime, the international production The weel of time , along with Rosamunde Pike, Hammed Animashaun), Alexandre Willaume and Johann Myers, among others. It also has a release pending Unlimited , about Juan Sebastián Elcano’s Around the World, a role played by Morte.

Darko Peric, Helsinki, on the red carpet at the Venice film festival, where he has received an award


Úrsula Corberó, Tokio and narrator of the series, already knew what success was thanks to the production of Antena, Physics and chemistry . Although it has no point of comparison with what it has supposed The Money Heist : 23 million followers on Instagram, image of fashion brands and the leap to Hollywood to star in the superhero movie Snake eyes , where she plays the baroness.

Rodríguez, Gutiérrez and Herrán during the filming of 'Modelo 77'.

Alberto Rodríguez, Javier Gutiérrez and Miguel Herrán (Río) during the filming of ‘Modelo 77’.

On the red carpet of the Venice festival, almost coinciding with the premiere of the fifth season of the series, Jaime Lorente (Denver), Esther Acebo (Stockholm) and Darko Peric (Helsinki) paraded. The Serbian actor, in a dressing gown, received an award for his work in The Money Heist . He lives in Barcelona, ​​where he came from Berlin on a punk and alternative theater tour. Along with acting, his passion is basketball, although he studied veterinary medicine in Bucharest after fleeing the former Yugoslavia when the Balkan war broke out. He has participated in series such as Crematorium O Sea of ​​plastic. Luka Peros (Marseille) was also born in the former Yugoslavia, but in Croatia. Also settled in Barcelona, ​​he worked as an actor in The child , Sea of ​​plastic , the remake from Papillon and The photographer from Mauthausen.

Jaime Lorente (Denver) stars in El Cid

Jaime Lorente (Denver) stars in ‘El Cid’

Amazon prime

The third actor in the series with an unpronounceable name is Hovik Keuchkerian, born in Beirut, although of Armenian origin, he has lived in Madrid since the war broke out in his country, when he was 3 years old. He dedicated himself to boxing professionally and became the Spanish Heavyweight Champion on two occasions. He left a bit disenchanted and Jorge Blass encouraged him to get on stage because he had seen him tell jokes among friends. He spent three seasons doing monologues in theater. Then they came, among others, Hispania, Alacrán in love (with Goya nomination, as revelation actor), The Money Heist and Riot gear.

Hovik Keuchkerian starred in the series 'Riot'

Hovik Keuchkerian starred in the series ‘Riot’

Movistar +

Miguel Herran (Río) did win the Goya for best revelation actor two years, in 2015 later for In exchange for nothing , his first job. After Lto paper house has starred in another hit Netflix series, Elite . And now the movie is rolling Model 7 , next to Javier Gutiérrez and directed by Alberto Rodríguez. Jaime Lorente and María Pedraza (Alison Parker) were also recruited to Elite . And the actor is also the protagonist of El Cid and he’s shooting the thriller Tin & Tina with Milena Smit.

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Before donning the red jumpsuit, Alba Flores (Nairobi) already became famous for the yellow one that she wore in Vis a vis . From Jamila in The time between seams the actress has been combining television with classical theater.

Najwa Nimri (Alicia Rueda) and Alba Florea (Nairobi) in the series 'Vis a vis'

Najwa Nimri (Alicia Rueda) and Alba Florea (Nairobi) in the series ‘Vis a vis’


Also appeared in The time between seams and in Physics and chemistry , among others, Enrique Arce (Arturo Román). After The Money Heist rolled with woody allen Rifkin’s festival y Terminator 6 next to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although at this point facing a murderous cyborg cannot be compared to being held hostage by the most famous band of robbers on the planet.

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The success of La casa de papel gives international projection to its protagonists

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