The Matrix 4 trailer breakdown: 11 things we noticed in the Resurrections teaser

The Matrix Resurrections trailer has landed, and it’s a lot to absorb at once. As well as seeding the idea that Neo is now a normal man living a simulated life within the Matrix, the teaser hints at when this movie is set, and teases some other bizarre details about how the simulation has changed this time around.

Below, we’ve captured 11 key things from The Matrix 4 trailer, and explained what we think they each mean. Some of these are rather obvious – but a couple might just blow your mind.

1. Neo is living a normal life…

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Dosed up on blue pills and seeing a therapist (played by Neil Patrick Harris, wearing blue glasses), we see Neo (called Thomas again) living a different life in this movie – presumably inside another version of the Matrix. We can only assume from the sequence of events that this is how the movie starts, where he encounters Trinity (who also appears to be living a normal life), and has strange dreams of simulations. We later meet a blue-haired character, played by Jessica Henwick, who refers to him as Neo.

2. …But he looks like a different guy now

The Matrix Resurrections trailer screengrab.

(Image credit: Warner Bros/screengrab)

When Keanu Reeves’ Neo looks in the mirror, a different, gray-haired man stares back. This was first spotted in one of the teaser videos shown on The Matrix Resurrections’ website earlier this week – in the same bathroom where he’s seen chugging blue pills.

3. The Matrix movie appears to exist in this Matrix

The Matrix Revolutions screengrab of Neo in the first movie.

(Image credit: Warner/screengrab)

Here’s a wild one (source) – The Matrix appears to be showing within the Matrix in this movie. We see a brief shot of Neo after he takes the red pill, from around the 32-minute mark of the first movie. This is likely why Jonathan Groff’s character at the end of the trailer asks, “After all these years…to be going back to where it all started. Back to The Matrix.” This suggests that Keanu Reeves’ character is having some identity issues, and perhaps believes he’s The One as a result of watching the movie. Or, Thomas is an actor and Groff plays his agent, which is more likely.

4. Lots of Alice in Wonderland references

A screen capture from The Matrix 4 trailer.

(Image credit: Warner Bros/screengrab)

From the very on-the-nose choice of ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane to the literal appearance of the book in one shot (the woman with the book, played by Priyanka Chopra, is wearing red glasses), The Matrix Resurrections is big on references to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – just like its predecessors were (‘follow the white rabbit’ being the words Trinity types out to Neo at the start of the first movie).

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