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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and well-known shows on television. The popular show starring Will Smith aired from 1990-1996 and ultimately kickstarted Smith’s iconic acting career as one of the biggest actors in the world. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air offered a fresh representation of a Black family portrayal on-screen.

Throughout the show, characters like Will, Hilary, and Ashley all sported chic, preppy-like outfits. The characters’ outfits are also a status of their wealth in the show, as they are a wealthy, rich family living in Bel-Air. Throughout the show, Will often sports bomber jackets, jeans, and hats, while characters like Hilary and Ashley wore dresses and skirts.

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Tatyana Ali stars as Ashley Banks wearing a yellow and black striped sweater paired with a black skirt and black boots.

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Ali rocks this multicolored dress with knee-length white socks and white kitten heels.

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Ali layers a black mini dress over a white long sleeve shirt with flowers.

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Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro star as Will Smith and Carlton Banks. Smith rocks a red jacket with a white button-up and gray pants, while Ribeiro rocks a navy jacket with gray pants.

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Ali and Kathryn Parsons star as Ashley and Hilary Banks. Ali wears a pink and blue sweater with a matching pink headband, while Parsons wears a blue sweater with a multicolored skirt and gold earring.

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Will Smith wears a yellow shirt with a plaid multicolored hat.

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Parsons wears a white blouse with a yellow vest and a white hat with flowers.

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Smith wears a yellow and purple jack with a white T-shirt and jeans.

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Ali and Parsons wear a black top and a gray sweater.

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Parsons wears a black jumpsuit with black heels.

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Smith wears a yellow, orange, and red jacket and a beaded necklace.

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Smith wears a red jacket with a white shirt and black pants, while Ali wears a white cropped sweater and a plaid skirt.

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Ali wears a red shirt with a navy skirt.

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Smith wears a red, white, and blue striped collared shirt and beige pants.

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Ali wears a mini black dress with white stripes, paired with knee-high socks.

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Parsons wears a red mini dress while Smith wears a green jacket and green pants.

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Ali channels her inner tennis girl wearing this white skirt and blouse with a multicolored jacket, accessorized blue hat and white tennis shoes.

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Ali wears all lilac in this oversized sweater with leggings and white tennis shoes.

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Janet Hubert stars as Aunt Viv, wearing this yellow and green turtleneck sweater and black pants.

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Parsons wears this off this shoulder black dress with black tights.

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Ali wears a multicolored shirt over an orange long sleeve shirt and a black and yellow hat.

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Ali wears a multicolored shirt with mom jeans and a black belt, while Smith wears a red shirt and white pants with a plaid vest.

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Ali wears a plaid jacket with a white shirt with black socks.

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Ali pairs this bra top with a cropped jacket and baggy jeans for the ultimate ’90s look.

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Ali wears a green and white checkered shirt paired with white jeans, a black belt, and a crossbody bag

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Ali wears this all-pink look pairing a pink shirt with a matching cardigan.

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Ali once again goes for a cropped look, pairing this matching crop top with pants.

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Smith rocks a yellow tank top and green shorts.

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Smith wears a multicolored jacket with a swirl pattern, paired with a red shirt, yellow pants, black boots, and a brown hat.

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Smith wows us in this yellow and purple racer jumpsuit.

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