The faith of our parents

The faith of our parents

Original title: Faith of our Fathers

Production: United States, 2015

Direction: Carey Scott

Guion: Carey Scott, David A.R. White, Kevin Downes y Harold Uhl

Photography: Randall Gregg

Music: Marc and Steffan Fantin

Con: David A.R. White, Kevin Downes, Stephen Baldwin, Candace Cameron, Rebecca St James, Sean McGowan, Scott Whyte …

Synopsis: In 1969 during the Vietnam War two parents, who are very young, are sent to fight and die in the same place. Years later his sons John Paul (Kevin Downes) and Wayne (David AR White) meet. The two are from very different backgrounds and personalities. It only links them that their parents fought and died together.

John Paul did not know Stephen (Sean McGowan), his father, and on the death of his mother he finds in the garage a box with letters from him in which he mentions Eddie J. Adams (Scott Whyte) that he qualifies as his best friend in Vietnam. Intrigued, he starts looking for that name in the directory.

After several calls he locates Wayne, the son of Eddie, his father’s friend. She makes the trip to Mississippi, to meet him. He did not know his father either. Once they meet, Wayne tells him that he has letters from his father in which he mentions John Paul’s father in which he says he brought him closer to the faith.

Wayne, in an untimely manner, tells John Paul to travel together to Washington in his 1965 Ford Thunderbird. He asks him to read the letters, but establishes as a condition that they travel together to the Memorial in Washington dedicated to the fallen in Vietnam. There you can see the name of your parents. John Paul ends up accepting.

On the trip Wayne gets into conflicts, John Paul has to live, and one by one he is reading the letters where there are references to his father. Thus, the two find out who their parents were and they know and accept each other as they are even though they have had such different lives.

Comment: It’s a different way of looking at the Vietnam War. That of the children who did not know their parents. The film moves in the space of the war where Stephen and Eddie, the parents of John Paul and Wayne fight, and that of the long trip from Mississippi to Washington in which they are forced to live together.

The film tells of Stephen’s faith and how he tries to convince Eddie of its value. The two are very different, but they accompany each other. Kevin Downes, who plays the father of John Paul, who is also a producer on the film, said in an interview that the film was made with only one goal: to pay tribute to veterans of the war, particularly those from Vietnam, in which 58,000 Americans died.

The approach to the double relationship, that of the two parents and that of the two children, is original and interesting. Also the way to discover parents through the letters they write to their families. The theme of the film was for more. Production is poor.


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The faith of our parents

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