The fabulous 55 years of Halle Berry

That’s how forceful it is Halle Berry on her 55th birthday. “In the midst of the storm, I have managed to create happiness, find more peace and feel freer than ever. Finally, I am exhaling!”, He commented next to a video where his natural beauty is exhibited with hardly any additives. Long hair in the wind and a perennial smile, the actress’s fabulous 55 years pass by meeting in a great personal and professional moment.

About to release his first project as a film director, Bruised, the film that she also stars in and will be released next fall on Netflix (November 24), the actress is healthy, two children of 13 and 8 years old whom she adores and dedicates a good part of her time (Nahla and Maceo) and an affair with singer Van Hunt to whom she has no problem declaring her love publicly. We could say that Halle Berry has it all at this point in your life.

“It used to be that when you were 40 your career was over, and I mean, really over. Or did you have to wait until you were old enough to play a grandmother, and then you could take another bite of the apple, right? I mean, I couldn’t think I’d be playing an MMA fighter at 54 … However, I did. So something has to be changing. I am proof of it, “he declared in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly magazine. It is further proof of the little revenue he gives to the age limitation (not at all).

Physically, the people with whom she works in her training and exercise routines recognize in her the capacity for effort not to stop before any challenge. Although for Halle Berry, not only the sacrifice counts, but the luck of a genetics that you have tried to take care of forever. His diet is part of his philosophy of well-being and as long as he looks at each food he consumes, if it is beneficial for his body, he continues doing sports as from the first day he started his acting career.

To this day it is still the only black woman with an oscar for best actress, but also won the anti oscar (Razzie award) for worst actress of the year. Neither that title nor the amount of tests that he has had to continue jumping to prove his worth, have knocked down his eagerness to succeed. “Good things come to those who sweat”says Halle Berry in her networks. This social platform is what has helped him to show himself openly, moving away from criticism to reduce their ability to influence.

Does all this mean that Halle Berry is an all-terrain woman with super powers? Probably not. They will have had bad moments, like any other human being. But the image that he projects and in which he puts all his efforts to give his maximum power of influence is, in reality, a great inspiration to validate the natural beauty and work capacity of a middle-aged woman: “A woman never changes, her desire only varies.”

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The fabulous 55 years of Halle Berry

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