The expectation grows for the Half Triathlon Santa Ana 2021

The best figures of the Argentine triathlon will be present and a spectacular race is expected, along with the rest of the amateurs and the presence of several concordians.

The level of the elite category that will be given this year, really deserves to stand out, with a constellation of stars of the national triathlon gathering figures that practically no similar race manages to gather. There will be almost 30 who will be starting in this category, with renowned triathletes among which are the great Oscar Galindez, Mario de Elias, Luciano Taccone, among others. And in ladies the presence of Romina Palacio Balena who appears a priori as the candidate to stay with the victory before the last-minute desertion, due to injury, of the Olympian Romina Biagioli.

And in reference to this elite category, it should be noted that our city will have a representative, it is Federico Álvarez, a runner with a lot of experience in this type of competition and who has been able to participate in distance iroman.

Around 670 participants will be from the game between the two distances, since that same day there will also be a sprint distance with a start at 9 am. with distances of 800 meters of swimming, 30 kilometers of cycling and 7 kilometers of running.

Fifteen provinces of our country will be represented in this half, and four countries will take part in this test, which is the most important nationwide in this modality.

The test will distribute a total of 320 thousand pesos in cash prizes, in addition to the awards in glasses for all categories and the delivery of a kit to each runner as few exist in this type of competition.

The hydration of the test will be in charge of Gatorade. The timing by “Cronomet”. There will be a very complete post-race service for the runner, which includes pizza, snacks, sandwiches, fruits, drinks, etc. There will also be a sanitary tent and elongation and massage sector. The official photography service will be in charge of Román Rodríguez. Adrián Labella will also be working with the drone and floor camera service, while on the official Facebook of the Half Concordia event, there will be live coverage with all the alternatives of the race by Luis Tito Merini, which will enable the monitoring of the race for all triathlon lovers.

The locution by “Tano” Gemignani, from Hasemkamp and Carlos Rossi, from Chajarí. In swimming, the entire “Nautical Crossings” team from our city moves, together with paddlers from the Regatas club, bringing together 25 paddlers, plus the presence of the Sup Concordia group with the boards, led by Diana Conti, plus the presence of ten lifeguards coordinated by Julio Pintos from Concord, and several motor boats. There will be three ambulance services distributed in the circuit. More than 150 collaborators will have the test in all their areas, which includes the transfer to Santa Ana of people from our city who usually cover these tasks, and who will travel the day before through the courtesy of the municipality of Santa Ana who will make their collective available . Also the team of prosecutors will be from our city coordinated by Marcelo Benítez.

Undoubtedly a great sports festival that has revolutionized the entire area of ​​Santa Ana, Villa del Rosario and Chajarí, highlighting that the organizational deployment has the three municipalities collaborating in all tasks. Accommodation reservations were completely sold out in Santa Ana and there were practically no beds available in Chajarí. The presence of a large public is expected following the career alternatives, and even many enthusiasts of our city will move towards what will be the national center of attention of the three disciplines.

The test will start at 8 am and the provincial route No. 2 where the cycling will take place, will remain completely cut from the access to Villa del Rosario to the Santa Ana campsite, site of the event.

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The expectation grows for the Half Triathlon Santa Ana 2021

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