The Card Counter Image Shows Oscar Isaac Gambling

A new promotional photo for Paul Schrader’s upcoming film, The Card Counter, shows Oscar Isaac’s character gambling in an intense game of poker.

In a new promotional photo for Paul Schrader’s upcoming film The Card Counter, Oscar Isaac gambles in an intense game of poker. Starring Isaac as William Tell, a mysterious card counter and ex-military interrogator, the movie also features performances from Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe, and Tye Sheridan. Produced by legendary director Martin Scorsese, the revenge thriller sees Isaac’s character tormented by his past when he meets Cirk (Sheridan) at a casino and finds himself entangled in a messy revenge plot.

Isaac first skyrocketed to fame after playing Resistance fighter pilot Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Since then, Isaac has starred in a number of noteworthy projects, including the high-profile miniseries Scenes from a Marriage, 2019’s The Addams Family, and the upcoming science-fiction film Dune. The Guatemalan-American actor also earned praise for his performance in Ex Machina, which was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best British Film in 2016. Currently, Isaac is filming the highly anticipated TV series Moon Knight, which is based on the Marvel comics of the same name. The series is expected to hit Disney+ sometime in 2022 and will be part of the MCU’s Phase 4.

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The image, released by Fandango for their 2021 fall movie preview, shows Isaac’s character gambling at a casino in what is presumably a dramatic game of poker. Wearing a sleek suit, William looks to be focused on reading the other players’ expressions, scheming and plotting a way to win. Check out the new photo below:

Just days from completion, The Card Counter had to abruptly pause production on set in Biloxi, Mississippi, last year following a positive COVID test from one of its cast members. Schrader seemed to be resentful about the shutdown, but handled the devastating blow with a (somewhat grim) sense of humor. On his Facebook page, he wrote: “I would have shot through hellfire rain to complete the film. I’m old and asthmatic, what better way to die than on the job?” Surely, Schrader, who gained icon status after writing the scripts for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, has had his fair share of moviemaking mishaps, but having to stop production five days before wrapping would irk any director.

Other than a slight bump in the road due to COVID precautions, The Card Counter is one of the only indie flicks that didn’t have to postpone its original release date. So far, the film has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews. As of now, it holds a 97% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. For fans of Schrader’s work, The Card Counter is sure to impress. With a legendary writer/director spearheading the project, support from Scorsese himself, and stellar performances from its A-lister actors, The Card Counter has the potential to be a moody, dark journey along the casino trail that will leave audiences pondering over the film for days. The movie premieres in theaters on Sept. 10th.

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