Ferocious Lions with Zebras: in the Urc debut good only once

Ferocious Lions with Zebras in the Urc debut good only

The South Africans ahead 35-0 at rest, then the comeback up to 26-38 thanks to the goals of Canna, Boni and Fabiani plus a technical goal, the bonus point of the Italian franchise arrives Whether it’s the expanses of the Kruger or the much less exotic meadow of the Sergio Lanfranchi di Parma, when a … Read more

Leonardo Mussini, the boy who colored the Zebras

Leonardo Mussini the boy who colored the Zebras

Positive, proactive, available: the death at 41 of the media and marketing manager of the franchise shakes the Italian oval world and deprives it of a great resource. The blue trocar Bellini: “Everything we have here is thanks to you” It was for everyone Leo. And everyone, now, thinks about his voice and feels his … Read more

Urc: Benetton nice, but what a joke. Zebras, melancholy ko

Urc Benetton nice but what a joke Zebras melancholy ko

Treviso gives applause with the Ospreys. Come back from 7-26 to 26 all. Then Myler’s winning place in the 76th minute for the 26-29. In Parma everything was easy for Glasgow: 6-17 and yet another knockout for the Zebras, stuck at one point This time it went wrong. But Benetton would have deserved another success … Read more

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