Everyone is talking about Jamie, Prime Video is the movie about the teenager who challenged the world

Everyone talks about Jamie is the film adaptation of the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (also the film’s original title) and premieres in new releases for September Amazon Prime Video. Originally, the film was designed to be released in theaters, which was then canceled due to the pandemic, hence the decision to release it in … Read more

If you were German, who would you vote for to be the most powerful leader in the EU?

If the German elections this Sunday 26 were a Sergio Leone film, its title would be: ‘The gray, the clumsy and the copycat’. Those are the three most important candidates and they may end up agreeing with each other to form a new government. And of course, to elect chancellor, the most powerful chancellor in … Read more

“Thor: Love and Thunder”: Karen Gilland y Dave Bautista llegan a Sidney

Just as announced Tessa Thompson “We have some people, maybe, that we’ve seen before,” the fourth film in the Thor franchise, called “Love and Thunder” will gather an increasingly numerous cast, in which we will see many of the endearing characters of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for its acronym in English). The actress returns … Read more

What happened to the ‘Spartacus’ actors?

In January 2010 it reached the Starz channel one of the series that, without many expecting it, managed to capture the public’s attention: ‘Spartacus’, which with the subtitle of ‘Blood and sand’ came to make it clear that he was going to bet on the viscerality and the doses of violence that an adaptation of … Read more

Hollywood stars support the technicians’ strike: “Without them, movies are not possible, they deserve better”

The foundations of Hollywood are about to start shaking because the base on which all productions are based, the technical and human base, is considering going on strike. The IATSE (International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees), one of the largest unions in the industry, has asked its around 150,000 members to authorize the strike as … Read more

‘The Jungle Book’: The secrets of the filming in an exclusive clip of the making of

The new film in the flesh of ‘The Jungle Book’ It could not be more different from its cartoon counterpart released in 1967. The adventures of Mowgli, the boy raised among the jungle animals and born from the stories written by the master of the story Rudyard Kipling, obtained a spectacular version last April starring … Read more

‘The Curse of the Witches’ signs Octavia Spencer as Grandma Helga

The remake of ‘The Curse of the Witches’, the 1990 film based on the children’s book by Roald Dahl, continues to add names in front of and behind the cameras. After Guillermo del Toro gave the witness in the direction of Robert Zemeckis and Warner signed Anne Hathaway as the Grand Witch, Octavia Spencer joins … Read more

The time he fell into a coma and other curiosities of Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence has achieved the dream of all those aspiring comedians: Succeed doing monologues, have your own TV series, and then jump to the big screen with your own movies as the main character. It has not been easy, but a career full of effort and dedication has brought him to the top of his … Read more

Today on Twitter: Dean Norris, ‘Breaking Bad’ actor, messes it up by posting “Sex gifs”

Dean Norris is an actor known for his DEA character and hero Hank Schrader in the series ‘Breaking Bad’ but it seems that this time he could have been the prey. This Wednesday tweeted two words Although they are simple, they immediately captured everyone’s attention. It is not clear what could have happened but the … Read more

Ansel Elgort, the new Leonardo DiCaprio

The trendy guy wears a coat, sweatshirt, pants and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci sneakers. Photography: Ben Watts ‘Under the same star’, teenager melodrama with tear background, gave him fame. ‘Divergent’ He confirmed it, adding the label Hollywood sensation. As if it weren’t enough, Ansel Elgort (New York, 1994) also now practices DJ. In the cabin … Read more