Wanda tells the “triangle”: “All about the Mauro-China story. And I thank Maxi”

Wanda tells the triangle All about the Mauro China story And

In an interview given in Paris to an Argentine broadcaster, Nara reconstructed the story, from the initial discovery of the exchange of messages to the subsequent reactions: “Mauro in my place would have asked for a divorce” Sooner or later, the football gossip case of the year would have some sort of official conclusion. And … Read more

Villeneuve & Pironi: on Sky the documentary that tells the truth about the Imola “tear”

Villeneuve Pironi on Sky the documentary that tells the

The film reconstructs the historic quarrel between the two Ferrari drivers: a friendship ruined by the 1982 San Marino GP, a few days before Villeneuve died in Zolder. Produced by Mark Webber, the documentary collects the testimonies of the wives and children of the two F1 drivers Two legends of Formula 1, two historical rivals: … Read more

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