Treviso again! Marin’s drop at 84 ‘stretches out Edinburgh: 28-27

Treviso again Marins drop at 84 stretches out Edinburgh 28 27

The 19-year-old was decisive after the team had gone up the field with time out. Last season of Pro 14 the green-and-whites had lost all their games, now they are two wins out of two, both in comeback. Zebras beaten by Ulster 3-36 Something has changed, perhaps. At one time games like this Benetton lost … Read more

Super League: Perugia crushes Milan and is first. Taranto stretches out Padua

Super League Perugia crushes Milan and is first Taranto stretches

Sir overwhelms Allianz and for one evening is at the top of the standings. taranto. Heavy defeat for Kioene who surrendered to Taranto. Two advances to the sixth day of Superlega. In the first challenge Taranto overwhelms Padua. In the evening, the fifth victory in a row for Perugia, which also beats Allianz Milano at … Read more

Golf, Rose stretches at the Augusta Masters. Molinari is 30th

Golf Rose stretches at the Augusta Masters Molinari is 30th

Above the par of 2 after 7 holes, the Briton climbs with an eagle and 7 birdies and closes with 65 strokes Silvia Audisio April 9 – Milano The Augusta National track for his Masters number 85 played his cards right from the start. And he did so by emphasizing that here it is not … Read more

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