Did you like ‘Greenland: The Last Refuge’? Tonight on La 1 de TVE: ‘The Perfect Storm’ with George Clooney – Movie News

If you are a lover of disaster movies, this Friday, October 23, starting at 10:10 p.m., you have on television the film by Wolfgang Petersen (‘Troy’) about a veteran fisherman against a terrible storm. Have you been to the movies recently and liked the disaster movie Greenland: The Last Haven, starring Gerard Butler? If so, … Read more

Snake Eyes works best as a Storm Shadow origin story

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Snake Eyes, which is currently showing in theaters. Snake Eyes is a film about the titular character, the self-described Snake Eyes (Henry Golding). He spends the entire movie with his drive defined by his quest for revenge against Augustine (Samuel Finzi) for killing his father (Steven Allerick) years before. … Read more

Lupita Nyong’o Becomes X-Men’s Storm In Amazing Met Gala Inspired Art

Lupita Nyong’o’s Met Gala outfit turned heads on the red carpet and has now paved the way for fan art that turns her into the X-Men’s Storm. Lupita Nyong’o makes a stunning Storm in new X-Men fan art inspired by the actress’ latest Met Gala look. Of all the many X-Men from over the years, … Read more

Storm of a Broadway play is a drizzle of a movie

TORONTO — Hey, “The Humans”? Where’s the humor? The fun is what I missed most during the film adaptation of Stephen Karam’s phenomenal Broadway play, which premiered Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival. Now, the whole thing leans pretentious. It’s not that the writer’s very funny jokes were cut — they just don’t land. … Read more