Novák finished 16th at the classic 15th, he attacked his maximum –

Novak finished 16th at the classic 15th he attacked his

Novák showed that he could gain a stronger foothold in the Olympic season in distance races, which he believed in. He had never run so well in this discipline in Hand. He scored in this center for the first time in the classic fifteen, so far his maximum was last year’s 32nd place. Today he … Read more

Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihálik sad. For me, it will be a specific match, he admits and bets a draw –

Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihalik sad For me it will

He is the first Czech to wear an Alkmaar jersey. He worked in a Dutch city famous for its cheese markets for a year and a half. However, he spent most of his time there with teammates on the field with club physiotherapists. “It simply came to our notice then. I was in their hands … Read more

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