‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’ and the importance of giving voice to the mute ninja of ‘GI Joe’: “We needed to hear his story for himself” – Movie News

We spoke with Henry Golding, the film’s protagonist, about the character that gives the film its title. Theatrical release on August 13! “If you don’t understand a character’s past, you don’t feel committed to wanting to know where he’s going”. Henry Golding was quite relieved when he discovered that the mute ninja from the GI … Read more

Snake Eyes: The Origin (2021) | I have plenty of ‘Joes’, Cobra and an hour of film

‘Snake Eyes’ It wasn’t a tape I was looking forward to, but GI Joe’s previous ones had entertained me and the well-known Ray Park how this silent ninja had conquered me. It is true that in my childhood I was able to enjoy the animated series of these heroes in their eternal fight against Cobra. … Read more

Snake Eyes works best as a Storm Shadow origin story

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Snake Eyes, which is currently showing in theaters. Snake Eyes is a film about the titular character, the self-described Snake Eyes (Henry Golding). He spends the entire movie with his drive defined by his quest for revenge against Augustine (Samuel Finzi) for killing his father (Steven Allerick) years before. … Read more

Rumor: Orm (Patrick Wilson) will be an antihero as Loki in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Not a day has passed since James Wan officially released the title of the second installment of Aquaman – 73%, and several advances in terms of the plot, as well as the development that the characters that we already know will have now, have begun to emerge; Although for now they are only rumors that … Read more

The Heroes and Villains of Snake Eyes: The Origin

Paramount Pictures has released new character posters of Snake Eyes: The Origin highlighting the eight heroes and villains that we will see in the film. The new character posters for the GI spin-off movie. Joe Snake Eyes: El origen, reveal in more detail what the eight main heroes and villains who will appear in the … Read more

PRIMICIA: Paramount cancels the premiere in Spain of ‘Snake Eyes’ a week after its arrival in theaters – Movie News

The production, which has Úrsula Corberó as a villain, was one of its star premieres this summer. The company has also delayed the premiere of Clifford in the US, scheduled for September. With barely ten days left until its arrival in theaters in Spain, Paramount has canceled the premiere of Snake Eyes: el Origen, the … Read more

Criticism of Snake Eyes the origin. New missed opportunity for GI Joe

Last Friday, August 13, it was released in theaters, Snake Eyes el origen, new reboot of the GI Joe franchise from the spin off of one of its most popular characters Snake Eyes el origen The third film in the franchise based on the action figure franchise known as G.I. Joe from the toy company, … Read more