Vikings: how Ragnar Lothbrok died in real life | Vikings | FAME

Travis Fimmel played Ragnar Lothbrok in the first four seasons of “Vikings“(“ Vikings ”in Spanish), the successful historical series created and written by Michael Hirst for the History Channel. The death of the hero was a blow to fans of the show who are still curious to learn more about this mythical character. MORE INFORMATION: … Read more

How to watch Marvel series in order on Netflix (updated)

How to watch Marvel series in order on Netflix (updated) – Netflix Series One of the attractions of the platform streaming Netflix are the series of the characters of Marvel encompassed in The Defenders, a group of famous superheroes thanks to the comics published by Marvel itself that were part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. … Read more

The most awarded series in the history of the Emmy Awards

The dawn From Sunday, September 19 to 20, the Emmy Awards will finally be presented at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Awards that recognize the quality of television productions. The red carpet that starts at 01.00 h. at dawn and the ceremony at 02:00 h. They can only be seen on Movistar +. Obtaining … Read more

Kathryn Hahn to play Joan Rivers in biographical series about the comedian

From witch to comedian, actress Kathryn Hahn is already preparing her next big role. After joining the Marvel saga, the interpreter has become one of the most coveted in Hollywood and has now signed to give life to Joan Rivers in a series that will narrate part of the life of one of the most … Read more

“Trinkets”: release date, trailer, story and characters of the new Netflix series | TVMAS

Starring Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira and Quintessa Swindell “Trinkets”Is a new Netflix drama that focuses on three kleptomaniac teenagers who meet in a support group and will form an unlikely bond from then on. The series to be released in June is based on the novel of the same name by American author Kirsten “Kiwi” … Read more

Friends. These are the best cameos of famous actors in the series

Friends sat down a precedent on the small screen with a story that beyond the jokes and irony of situations, captures the essence of friendship with six characters that despite their differences, failed relationships and setbacks they are always there for each other, supporting each other and forming alliances to fulfill your dreams or escape … Read more

The Last Kingdom 4: explanation of the end of season 4 | What happened and what does it mean for season 5 of The Last Kingdom? | Netflix | TV series | United States | FAME

The fourth season of “The Last Kingdom” (“The Last Kingdom” in Spanish), British series based on the novels “The Saxon Stories” by Bernard Cornwell, is available on Netflix from Sunday April 26, 2020. In the 10 new episodes, after the death of Alfred, the alliances between the kingdoms have been cracked. SIGHT: The Last Kingdom, … Read more

from parenting challenges to gender roles

Related news The official synopsis of Blessed patience (Breeders in the original version) says the series “brings out the parental paradox that shows that it is possible to love your child to the end of the universe and at the same time be so angry that you would want to send him there. “This FX … Read more

The secret order: these are the characters of the Netflix youth series | TV series | Tv | Shows

By: La PrensaCreated by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, The secret order (The Order in English) centers on a young university student named Jack Morton, who becomes part of a legendary secret society, the Order, where he is thrust into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue. As Jack enters the Order, he uncovers dark … Read more