Waldner: “Green pass, Olympics and safety: this is what the ski season will be like”

Waldner Green pass Olympics and safety this is what the

The dt of the men’s Cup: “We are focusing on the 4 disciplines, the safest giant goal, for Covid, a tight bubble and for Beijing …” Marisa Poli 12 november – Milano The Olympics on an untried track, green pass, no vax and the return of the public, the expected revolutions after the change of … Read more

Safety concerns raised for neuroblastoma candidate drug

Journal Reference: Min Pan, William C. Wright, Richard H. Chapple, Asif Zubair, Manbir Sandhu, Jake E. Batchelder, Brandt C. Huddle, Jonathan Low, Kaley B. Blankenship, Yingzhe Wang, Brittney Gordon, Payton Archer, Samuel W. Brady, Sivaraman Natarajan, Matthew J. Posgai, John Schuetz, Darcie Miller, Ravi Kalathur, Siquan Chen, Jon Patrick Connelly, M. Madan Babu, Michael A. … Read more

Food safety model may help pandemic management

Journal Reference: Julie Henderson, Paul R. Ward, Emma Tonkin, Samantha B. Meyer, Heath Pillen, Dean McCullum, Barbara Toson, Trevor Webb, John Coveney, Annabelle Wilson. Developing and Maintaining Public Trust During and Post-COVID-19: Can We Apply a Model Developed for Responding to Food Scares? Frontiers in Public Health, 2020; 8 DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2020.00369 “It’s crucial that the … Read more

Nibali between the future and road safety: “Protect your bikes and stop driving while on the phone!”

Nibali between the future and road safety Protect your bikes

The cyclist returned to Astana in Rome for the ACSI conference: “The Giro? The president of the Region let slip something about the four stages in Sicily, I’d be happy”. And on the new coach Bennati: “For years we riders had imagined him in that role” From the battle for the safety of those who … Read more

Being Franco Uncini: “What a mistake to retire! I loved racing with the 13. Valentino, a legend, and on safety … “

Being Franco Uncini What a mistake to retire I loved

The former 500 world champion retraces his career and current role as MotoGP safety manager: “Am I staid? To distinguish myself from my crazy friends Lucchinelli and Rossi. If I had a team I would like Marquez. Put the gravel back to make the pilots go slower? A madness “ Claudio Pavanello October 29 – … Read more

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