Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo: “I am destroyed and disappointed”

Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo I am destroyed and

Sentenced in Cassation for aggravated extortion to 3 years and 6 months, he is handed over in Veneto: “Far from everyone” Serena Gentile 25 november – Milano For the final with the Supreme Court, the last judgment, Professor Franco Coppi, a well-known criminal lawyer and former lawyer of Giulio Andreotti, also deployed in his defense. … Read more

Padua rematch, Rovigo beaten in extremis. And Covid returns to worry …

Padua rematch Rovigo beaten in extremis And Covid returns to

In the rematch of the championship final, Petrarca beats FemiCz 27-25 at the last second. However, the bogey pandemic returns to the championship with 2 postponed races Petrarca Padova against FemiCz Rovigo takes the revenge of the final scudetto in the same way in which he had lost it: winning in comeback at the last … Read more

Top 10, at the helm of Colorno Casellato crosses the former Rovigo brought to the Scudetto

Top 10 at the helm of Colorno Casellato crosses the

On Friday, in advance of the 4th round, one of the most anticipated challenges of the first part of the championship will be staged. The coach: “I don’t know what will happen when I enter the pitch, I can’t imagine it. I’ll try to be emotionally involved as little as possible “ The Italian champions … Read more

Top 10: Petrarca Padova and Rovigo still unbeaten. Valorugby, another knockout

Top 10 Petrarca Padova and Rovigo still unbeaten Valorugby another

On the fourth day the protagonists are the finalists of the last championship. In the defeated Emiliani, a screaming debut debut for Thomas Dominguez, son of the “divine” Diego The Italian Peroni Top 10 rugby championship on matchday four has only two undefeated teams. They are the protagonists of the last championship final; Argos Petrarca … Read more

Antl returns to Rovigo as an opponent: “It will be emotionally tough”

Antl returns to Rovigo as an opponent It will be

The center of Valorugby is the great ex: “From Rovigo they write to me, some say they will come to the stadium for me” Ivan Malfatto November 4 – Milano The landing of the All Blacks in Rome does not stop the Italian rugby championship. Tomorrow at 20.30, at the Battaglini stadium and live on … Read more

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