Robert Duvall, a passionate tango player in Hollywood

With a career spanning seven decades, Oscar winner and owner of one of the most common faces in modern cinema, Robert Duvall arrives the 90 years having lived a life of cinema. Without children but married four times, this actor of unmatched talent has been part of the cinephile culture for several generations, infecting us … Read more

Robert Pattinson, H.E.R. Co-Chairing Academy Museum Party

Robert Pattinson and H.E.R. are helping the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures open its doors. The two are co-chairs, along with museum director and president Bill Kramer and Vanity Fair’s senior west coast editor Britt Hennemuth and , of Premiere, a party on Sept. 29 to celebrate the opening of the Los Angeles museum. Invites … Read more

Why Didn’t Robert Downey Jr. Voice Tony Stark in What If Episode 6?

Every new episode of What If…? is a surprise. And that’s not just talking about the plot. Notable MCU actors have been missing from the animated series, including Dave Bautista, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans. On the other hand, there’s also been a few pleasant appearances from smaller characters, … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s J. Robert Oppenheimer Film Lands at Universal

Christopher Nolan is leaving Warner Bros. for Universal, sending shockwaves through the film industry. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images In February, after filmmaker Christopher Nolan openly criticized the same-day release strategy his longtime cinematic home Warner Bros. was implementing for 2021, I explored which new studio he might fit with if a split was on the … Read more

CinemaCon 2021 | We already have a trailer for The Northman, Robert Eggers’ third film

Robert Eggers is a director with only two films to his credit, but both are considered cinematic gems. The witch – 91% and El Faro – 96% are the kind of movies that become instant classics upon release. Next year we will be able to see his third film: The Northman. The expectations are enormous. … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. Shockingly Unfollows Marvel Cast- Daily Research Plot

Robert Downey Jr. Updates: We’ve all done it. Every once in a while, you decide to clear up the number of records you follow through online media and make the extreme choice to unfollow a couple of gathering you’ve lost contact with, like ex-partners. For sure, when you’re Robert Downey Jr., that fundamental exhibit can … Read more

This is the fortune that Robert Downey Jr. made as Iron Man | People | Entertainment

The specialized portal reports that the sum amounts to $ 345.5 million. Gone are those days when addictions from Robert Downey Jr. they had cut him off from the big Hollywood productions. He was the problem boy in the movie industry, therefore the insurers used to require a millionaire deposit to the studies that … Read more

Sam Heughan talked about Outlander, compared himself to Robert Pattinson and revealed his strategy for facing fame | Spoiler

Overnight and evidently thanks to its premiere on Netflix, Outlander became a worldwide hit. Such is so Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the protagonists, were catapulted to international fame. And, it is precisely for this reason that both have had to learn to handle the “fan phenomenon” in their lives, a totally radical change in … Read more