Sylvester Stallone: Nighthawks Remake Confirmed With Frank Grillo

Sylvester Stallone and his 1981 movie Nighthawks is confirmed for a remake with the one and only Frank Grillo. Stallone is a living legend when it comes to Hollywood. Now, one of his cult classics but highly underappreciated movies, Nighthawks is finally getting a remake. The movie came out in 1981. Now, the movie will … Read more

The Bodyguard remake on the way

‘The Bodyguard’ is being remade. Lawrence Kasdan, who was the writer and producer of the 1992 movie is to produce a new version of the film for Warner Bros. Pictures, with the Kasdan Pictures executive joined by Rideback’s Jonathan Eirich, and Dan Lin. According to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez has been hired to … Read more

You need to watch the most mind-blowing sci-fi remake on HBO Max ASAP

Cameron Crowe is mostly known for writing and directing some of the most beloved romances and coming-of-age movies of the past 40 years. And it’s not hard to see why. Given the success of films like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, the thought of Crowe venturing into science fiction may seem a bit strange — … Read more

How Is the Amazon Prime Remake Different From Disney’s 2015 Remake?

Among the many remake movies hitting the screens this year, Amazon Prime’s Cinderella was one of the most anticipated. Partly because it’s a fairytale story for the ages that captures the hearts of viewers of all generations, and partly because it has a modern twist that makes the story much more inclusive and relatable to … Read more

‘Candyman’ remake lacks scare factor – The Scribe

Caitlyn Dieckmann 2 out of 5 stars I love movies, and I find comfort among the many genres of cinematic masterpieces. However, horror movies hold a special place in my heart. That is why, when I go see a horror movie remake of a classic, I am often let down. Horror classics, for me, range everywhere between 1960s “Psycho” up to … Read more

MONSTER: Oscar-winning Producer Greg Shapiro to Bring Irish Famine Film Remake to the U.S.

Greg Shapiro Options Tom Sullivan’s Opus About the Great Famine in Ireland Writer/Director Tom Sullivan‘s Irish-language version of Arracht has been optioned by producer Greg Shapiro for an English-language remake for future release in the United States. ‘Arracht’ is an Irish-Gaelic word for ‘monster’ in English, and Monster is the perfect title for the English … Read more