Ukraine joins Eurimages ready to adapt

Ukraine joins Eurimages ready to adapt

06/10/2020 – One of the discussions organized within the framework of the Cinema Backstage meeting in Odessa concerned the role of the European fund, the changes to come and how Ukraine can participate This article is available in French. One of the pillars of the Odesa International Film Festival’s Film Industry Office, Cinema Backstage is … Read more

New Uncharted Images Show Tom Holland Looking James Bond Ready

New Uncharted Images Show Tom Holland Looking James Bond Ready

It is not uncommon for modern movies to take thematic and aesthetic inspiration from the classics. If the latest images from Uncharted are anything to go by, it could be paying homage to an iconic leading man. While “Drake. Nathan, Drake” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Bond, James Bond, there’s no … Read more

Marco Mengoni, fresh off Disco d’oro, is ready to launch “Mi fiderò” feat. Madame

Marco Mengoni fresh off Disco doro is ready to launch

Marco Mengoni I will trust you text and music written with Madame, Raige, Tony Maiello e Riccardo Scirè for the new single from Matter (Earth), the last album of the singer-songwriter certified today with the gold record, a milestone that is added to that of But tonight, the most popular Italian song on the radio … Read more

James-Webb telescope ready to launch

James Webb telescope ready to launch

Photo provided by NASA of the Ariane-5 rocket carrying the James-Webb Space Telescope. BILL INGALLS / AFP Weather permitting, the launcher’s tanks have been filled with a total of 210 tonnes of hydrogen and liquid oxygen, the final count has started. NASA’s James-Webb Space Telescope (JWST), designed to provide a glimpse of the first moments … Read more

Valentina Ferragni, surprised at Verissimo: her boyfriend arrives ready for a family, but she holds back

Valentina Ferragni surprised at Verissimo her boyfriend arrives ready for

Emotion this afternoon a very true to the surprise that Silvia Toffanin he arranged for the influencer and entrepreneur Valentina Ferragni guest in the TV lounge of Canale 5 in his first television interview. To enter the studio at the end of the interview, her boyfriend Luca Vezil. “He was very good at saying nothing,” … Read more

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