Olympics, postponement to 2021: the reactions of Nolano, Dell’Aquila and Alessio

Olympics postponement to 2021 the reactions of Nolano DellAquila and

The IOC’s decision to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Games to next year is fully shared by the Italy of taekwondo which even sees an advantage in this extension: “More time to better prepare for the qualifications” Four days have passed since the deliberate and shared decision by the premier of Japan, Abe, and the head … Read more

Windisch and the challenges of 2022: from the Cup to the Olympics

Windisch and the challenges of 2022 from the Cup to

Towards the debut in Oestersund, where the blue became world champion. “Then I’ll have to plan the wedding too” Windisch is the man of the wind and often seizes the moment. This is how it happened in the Sprint night of the PyeongChang 2018 Games: Dominik was able to conquer the bronze first alone and … Read more

Taekwondo, Crescenzi: “I like Ibra. The Olympics? I’ll be ready”

Taekwondo Crescenzi I like Ibra The Olympics Ill be ready

The 19-year-old from Terracina, blue tip, has grit and determination to sell. A great Juventus fan, he looks at the Swede with admiration: “He is a legend, I hope one day to be able to meet him and train together” Chiara Soldi @thatsamoney_ June 13 – 18:32 – Milano Turning your passion into a job … Read more

Arianna Tricomi, the free spirit who does not dream of the Olympics

Arianna Tricomi the free spirit who does not dream of

The athlete from Trentino, two times World Tour champion, protagonist of the Milano Montagna Week: “The Games? They don’t interest me. I left skiing because there were too many rules ” Free spirit. This is the best way to describe the skier Arianna Tricomi, who last March in Verbier won the Freeride World Tour for … Read more

Waldner: “Green pass, Olympics and safety: this is what the ski season will be like”

Waldner Green pass Olympics and safety this is what the

The dt of the men’s Cup: “We are focusing on the 4 disciplines, the safest giant goal, for Covid, a tight bubble and for Beijing …” Marisa Poli 12 november – Milano The Olympics on an untried track, green pass, no vax and the return of the public, the expected revolutions after the change of … Read more

The stage of records. Olympics 2024: jumps and throws into the future

The stage of records Olympics 2024 jumps and throws into

The competition field is divided into five: the track and platforms with different surfaces are being studied For now it is a hypothesis, a project. But as soon as the mark of less than 1000 days from the start of the Olympics in Paris 2024 has turned, it is a suggestive hypothesis, a credible project. … Read more

Olympics The Chinese detained a cargo of bobsledders. Perhaps there will be something to ride in Altenberg, the Czechs are in danger

Olympics The Chinese detained a cargo of bobsledders Perhaps there

Czech bobsledders (from left) coach Dawid Kupczyk, Jakub Nosek, Jan Šindelář, Jáchym Procházka and Dominik Dvořák at the older bobsled. The current model is stuck in China. Vlastimil Vacek, Right The bobsledders spent three weeks in China at a pre-Olympic camp organized by the International Federation of IBSF, which also transported equipment. “It simply came … Read more

Migliozzi, the US Open and that appointment with the Olympics

Migliozzi the US Open and that appointment with the Olympics

The young golfer from Veneto makes his debut in a major and aims high: “I always believe in myself, I’m a tough head”. Tokyo is also waiting for him: “I can’t wait, an Olympic medal really changes your life because everyone knows you” Matteo Dore June 16 – Milano From the Venetian province to Tokyo. … Read more

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