Gravina: “Calciatori no vax? I could ask the government for a measure”

Gravina Calciatori no vax I could ask the government for

The FIGC president at the end of the Federal Council: “If the numbers do not secure football, we will push for the obligation to vaccinate. The super green pass? It is the only way to keep the stadiums at 75%”. On the national team and Joao Pedro: “Club Italia is working on three positions. The … Read more

Virtual reality and usb to measure jumps, the future of volleyball is already here

Virtual reality and usb to measure jumps the future of

The coach of the blue is inspired by tennis with stroboscopic glasses, Conegliano and Perugia detect the leaps and Milan … Davide Mazzanti one day comes to training with a special pair of goggles. Bewilder the girls of the national team with these stroboscopic glasses for use in reception. “I got the idea from Diego … Read more

Shining light to measure blood flow in the brain in real time

Journal Reference: Muhammad Mohsin Qureshi, Yan Liu, Khuong Duy Mac, Minsung Kim, Abdul Mohaimen Safi, Euiheon Chung. Quantitative blood flow estimation in vivo by optical speckle image velocimetry. Optica, 2021; 8 (8): 1092 DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.422871 The brain is arguably the most crucial aspect of our existence. Our brain health governs how well we function. In … Read more

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