Furiosa: Mad Max spin-off is already in development

Last year the genius behind Mad Max: Fury Road – 97%, George Miller, assured that the waiting of all his fans would pay off, and the next films on the agenda would consist of a couple of prequels to this exciting story. Fortunately, in February it was confirmed that Mad Max: The Wasteland filming will … Read more

HBO Max reveals first trailer for Gossip Girl reboot

Finally! HBO Max revealed the first trailer for the Gossip Girl reboot. Secrets are not funny … unless they come from Gossip Girl. She’s back and she’s badder than ever. See you on the steps. ‘Gossip Girl’ fans can’t wait to see the ‘reboot’ of such a successful television series. The new protagonists of the … Read more

How scary is James Wan’s buzzy new horror movie for HBO Max?

For die-hards, no horror movie can be too scary. But for you, a wimp, the wrong one can leave you miserable. Never fear, scaredies, because Slate’s Scaredy Scale is here to help. We’ve put together a highly scientific and mostly spoiler-free system for rating new horror movies, comparing them with classics along a 10-point scale. And because … Read more

You need to watch the most mind-blowing sci-fi remake on HBO Max ASAP

Cameron Crowe is mostly known for writing and directing some of the most beloved romances and coming-of-age movies of the past 40 years. And it’s not hard to see why. Given the success of films like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, the thought of Crowe venturing into science fiction may seem a bit strange — … Read more

“Matrix 4” premiere on HBO Max | all the premieres that hit the platform in the remainder of 2021 | Keanu Reeves | The Matrix: Resurrections | streaming | online | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Warner Bros. released on September 9 the official trailer for “Matrix 4″ And put the fans of the famous saga back and a half after showing for the first time part of what the plot of this new installment would be. With countless references to “Alice in Wonderland“, … Read more

House of the Dragon: when the prequel to Game of Thrones premieres on HBO Max | Spoiler

House of the Dragon is one of the most anticipated series of today, since it is the prequel to Game of Thrones, fiction that was an event throughout the last decade through the HBO screen. This new production will be integrated into the streaming service catalog HBO Max and here we will tell you when … Read more

HBO Max Reportedly Developing Harry Potter Prequel Series About Snape

While the fate of the Wizarding World on the big screen following Fantastic Beasts 3 is uncertain, Warner Bros. looks set to mine the Harry Potter universe on streaming instead. At least one TV series based on the J.K. Rowling-created phenomenon has been officially announced, with various others reportedly in the works. Now we can … Read more

What’s to watch on CCC Go, HBO Max, Mubi, Amazon and Cine.Ar Play

CCC GO The naked truth (Star classics, at 2:25 pm) An ambitious lawyer is capable of accepting any case as long as it gets in the press. The nightmare for Martin has just begun when one day he decides to take care of one that seems impossible to win: the defense of Aaron (Edward Norton), … Read more

Q&A: Sealed Room Terror in We Need to Do Something: Max Booth III and Sean King O’Grady close the bathroom door – Screens

Before the storm: Sierra McCormick as Melissa and Lisette Alexis as Amy take a last step in the world in We Need to Do Something, directed by Sean King O’Grady and written by Max Brooks III. (Image Courtesy of IFC Midnight) Whatever you do, if you watch We Need to Do Something, do not repeat … Read more

The Suicide Squad comes to HBO Max sooner, we tell you when to watch it

The Suicide Squad it will finally arrive at HBO Max in Mexico and Latin America. James Gunn’s work premiered in theaters on August 5 this year, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some had to wait a bit before the film premiered on the streaming platform. But the wait is over and the arrival date … Read more