At the origins of Quartararo. The first manager Borja: “A diamond in the rough. And if he didn’t win …”

At the origins of Quartararo The first manager Borja A

Former MotoGP and Superbike rider, Juan launched Fabio to conquer the CEV in 2013. Today he says: “He was too nervous, we had to calm him down. More fun MotoGP, Sbk and minor leagues to review “ Federico Mariani 24 november – Milano From unspoken talent to world champion MotoGP . In 2021 Fabio Quartararo … Read more

Football Manager predicts the next 25 years: bad news for Juve

Football Manager predicts the next 25 years bad news for

We simulated the next quarter century on the most loved sports video game, also discovering how long Newcastle will take to establish themselves … The database of Football Manager it has always been its greatest asset. Once upon a time, the developers of Sports Interactive were supposed to steal information about upcoming budding champions from … Read more

Football Manager: 10 iconic players (who didn’t break through)

Football Manager 10 iconic players who didnt break through

The Sports Interactive series, including his past as Championship Manager, has anticipated big pearls … but sometimes it didn’t catch on. Football Manager is a very powerful simulator, thanks to an immense database that has guaranteed him the status of talent scout for many talents who have emerged in real football. However, many footballers who … Read more

Rooney was born there, Pogba buys himself, Griezmann wins us: because football loves Football Manager

Rooney was born there Pogba buys himself Griezmann wins us

The most loved football simulator in the world was born with two tickets for a Blur concert and a friendship, today it is a phenomenon loved by curious champions, ds, executives. And that even Trapattoni one day learned to appreciate … Giulio Di Feo November 4 – Milano Faitout Maouassa, the French defender now at … Read more

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