Pellegrino & De Fabiani, Games mission: “I dream of a sprint like Jacobs”

Pellegrino De Fabiani Games mission I dream of a

The two Aosta Valley champions are the leaders of the national team and went to Switzerland to train with the Russians and Austrians. Friday they debut in the World Cup Sprint with their heads already at the Olympics Federico Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani went across the border (Switzerland) to become stronger. Opening up to … Read more

Jacobs challenges Bolt: “You and me against flag-stealing, but for charity”

Jacobs challenges Bolt You and me against flag stealing but for

It took a week. But eventually the answer came. And it is a disenchanted, ironic answer. THE SINK — Last Sunday, Usain Bolt, speaking from Dubai, guest of personal sponsors during the Expo, said: “I missed not competing at the Olympics. It was frustrating to watch the races from home, on TV. I would have … Read more

Jacobs: “The alarm clock at dawn, the anxiety for the race and that front page of the Gazzetta …”

Jacobs The alarm clock at dawn the anxiety for the

The two-time Olympic champion tells Massimo Gramellini: “An hour before the 100th I didn’t want to run anymore, then I did the breathing exercises. I was ready” On Sette del Corriere della Sera a long interview with Marcell Jacobs was published today, about his life before and after the historic golds of Tokyo. We publish … Read more

Jacobs, Tamberi, 4×100, Stano and Palmisano: a golden stage with Italian athletics

Jacobs Tamberi 4x100 Stano and Palmisano a golden stage with

Our Olympians in Trento: the king of the 100 will be celebrated by Borzov, the high champion from Sotomayor and Fosbury Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi 6 October – Milano Minus one: the countdown towards the start of the 4th Sport Festival is running out. Trento, from tomorrow to Sunday, is ready to host more than one … Read more

Patta, Jacobs, Desalu and Tortu: “That’s why we won gold”

Patta Jacobs Desalu and Tortu Thats why we won gold

Great public success for the four heroes of the Olympics with the triumph in 4X100. Jacobs: “We are the opposite of Americans who hate each other …”. Patta: “I was calm, there was no audience, it seemed like a regional match” From our correspondent Valerio Piccioni @vaprap October 10 – TRENTO In Tokyo at one … Read more

Jacobs and Tamberi rejected by ghosts: the mysteries of the contested prize

Jacobs and Tamberi rejected by ghosts the mysteries of the

Indignation after the exclusion from the 10 nominated for the Athlete of the year. They were to be chosen by six members of the world statisticians association, but the European councilor knows nothing about the vote The indignation remains great. The exclusion of Marcell Jacobs and Gianmarco Tamberi from the list of ten nominated for … Read more

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