Where does gold come from? New insights into element synthesis in the universe

Journal Reference: O Just, S Goriely, H-Th Janka, S Nagataki, A Bauswein. Neutrino absorption and other physics dependencies in neutrino-cooled black hole accretion disks. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2021; DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stab2861 All heavy elements on Earth today were formed under extreme conditions in astrophysical environments: inside stars, in stellar explosions, and during … Read more

Figure skating, the first gold is Russian. Della Monica-Guarise eighth

Figure skating the first gold is Russian Della Monica Guarise eighth

In Stockholm the very young Mishina-Galliamov win among artistic couples. The Azzurri, with Ghilardi-Ambrosini 17th, guarantee Italy two places at the Beijing 2022 Games. Short men: Hanyu dominates, Rizzo 11th, Grassl 15th Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi March 25 – Milano The gold of the artistic pairs returns to Russia. Where, traditionally, it has always belonged, but … Read more

Going for gold to reduce antibiotic resistance

Journal Reference: Zeyang Pang, Qizhen Li, Yuexiao Jia, Weixiao Yan, Jie Qi, Yuan Guo, Fupin Hu, Dejian Zhou, Xingyu Jiang. Controlling the pyridinium–zwitterionic ligand ratio on atomically precise gold nanoclusters allowing for eradicating Gram-positive drug-resistant bacteria and retaining biocompatibility. Chemical Science, 2021; DOI: 10.1039/d1sc03056f Scientists have been investigating the use of gold nanoclusters — each … Read more

Rome, metro station dedicated to the Yellow Flames: and the Olympic gold medals arrive

Rome metro station dedicated to the Yellow Flames and the

The inauguration with Palmisano, Patta and Sabatini: the baptism took place on a train all branded with the colors of the sports group From this morning the Roman metro station Cipro / Vatican Museums is also called Fiamme Gialle. The baptism took place on a train all branded with the colors of the sports group … Read more

Razzetti masterpiece: gold in the 200 butterfly! And Italy celebrates another 6 medals

Razzetti masterpiece gold in the 200 butterfly And Italy celebrates

In Kazan the Genoese who trains in Livorno beats the Olympian Milak in 1’50 ”24, a new Italian record: half an hour earlier he had won the bronze in the 200 medley behind the Greek winner Vazaios and the other blue Ceccon. In the 1500s solo by the Russian Kirpichnikova, with the silver Quadarella and … Read more

Europeans, the Quadarella hits the 1500 final. Tonight it’s Paltrinieri’s turn for the gold

Europeans the Quadarella hits the 1500 final Tonight its Paltrinieris

In Kazan in the short course Italy still protagonist: after the silver in the 800s, Simona marks the 3rd time in the battery in the 60 pools Italy always protagonist at the European Short Course Championships in Kazan, Russia. In the heats of the third day, after the silver in the 800s, Simona Quadarella continues … Read more

Carraro gold and 4×50 mixed with the world championship, fairytale Lamberti, Quadarella silver

Carraro gold and 4x50 mixed with the world championship fairytale

At the Europeans in short course in Kazan, still medals for Italy: even the Quadarella is silver in the 800s Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli November 3 – Milano More medals for Italy in swimming at the European short course championships in Kazan, Russia. After 4 o’clock on the first day, 2 golds arrive – one with … Read more

Patta, Jacobs, Desalu and Tortu: “That’s why we won gold”

Patta Jacobs Desalu and Tortu Thats why we won gold

Great public success for the four heroes of the Olympics with the triumph in 4X100. Jacobs: “We are the opposite of Americans who hate each other …”. Patta: “I was calm, there was no audience, it seemed like a regional match” From our correspondent Valerio Piccioni @vaprap October 10 – TRENTO In Tokyo at one … Read more

Taekwondo, Of the crazy Eagle: it is a wonderful gold!

Taekwondo Of the crazy Eagle it is a wonderful gold

The blue wins the final against the Tunisian Jendoubi in the -58 kilos category. It is the first gold for Italy From our correspondent Antonino Morici July 24 – Tokyo (Japan) That of Vito Dell’Aquila is a historical gold. The second for Italian taekwondo, the first for our expedition to Japan. He is a young, … Read more

Rosato shines at the Polish Open: it is his 37th gold. At 12 he is already a star!

Rosato shines at the Polish Open it is his 37th

Born in 2009, Gabriele does not miss a beat: a talent on the square and a star on social media. And with Molfetta as his godfather, he can only have all the credentials for a brilliant future Roberto Baglivo strikes again. The master of the New Marzial of Mesagne, one of the best known in … Read more

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