Pellegrino & De Fabiani, Games mission: “I dream of a sprint like Jacobs”

Pellegrino De Fabiani Games mission I dream of a

The two Aosta Valley champions are the leaders of the national team and went to Switzerland to train with the Russians and Austrians. Friday they debut in the World Cup Sprint with their heads already at the Olympics Federico Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani went across the border (Switzerland) to become stronger. Opening up to … Read more

Stauder will lead Italy, Pellegrino-De Fabiani at work with the Russians

Stauder will lead Italy Pellegrino De Fabiani at work with the

The historic coach who will have Scola and Pasini as sector managers has been appointed competitive director. Agreement with Russia for the joint stages of the two Italian champions Alfred Stauder, former youth coach last season, takes the place of Marco Selle as competitive director of the national cross-country ski team. A turning point less … Read more

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