Ford E-Transit: the zero-emission era begins for the iconic van

Ford E Transit the zero emission era begins for the iconic van

The electric model officially presented in Milan, arriving in 2022. 269 HP of power, autonomy of 350 km and 25 different configurations Even for the Transit, a true (best-selling) icon of commercial vehicles, the era of zero emissions has begun. The first electric variant – presented in Milan, at the East End Studios – is … Read more

MotoGP, Quartararo puts an end to the era of Spanish rule: it was the longest in history

MotoGP Quartararo puts an end to the era of Spanish

Fabio Quartararo’s 2021 World Championship closes an era that began in 2012, with Jorge Lorenzo’s second title in MotoGP. Since then, Spain has swept up the leagues by beating an all-Italian record With the assignment of the 2021 MotoGP World Championship to Fabio Quartararo an era ends, that of Spanish domination in the top class. … Read more

Rossi, twenty years ago the victory that closed the era of the 500

Rossi twenty years ago the victory that closed the era

In the Brazilian GP on November 3, 2001, Valentino won the farewell race of the 500 class: from the following year he would open the modern era of MotoGP. This is why the Doctor remains an inimitable symbol of different technical eras On November 3, 2001, twenty years ago, Valentino Rossi closed that incandescent season … Read more

First dinosaur era crab fully preserved in amber discovered

Journal Reference: Javier Luque, Lida Xing, Derek E. G. Briggs, Elizabeth G. Clark, Alex Duque, Junbo Hui, Huijuan Mai and Ryan C. McKellar. Crab in amber reveals an early colonization of nonmarine environments during the Cretaceous. Science Advances, 2021 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj5689 In a study published October 20 in Science Advances an international team of researchers … Read more

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