Cry Macho: Clint Eastwood returns to his roots with an authentic road movie | Spoiler

Clint Eastwood He is one of those few actors who has managed to build a successful career also as a director and producer. As a performer he achieved glory in films like Dirty Harry, The dead had a price and so many western that made him the fame of a great cowboy. After the 80s, … Read more

Clint Eastwood Turned Down Role in ‘Cry Macho’ 33 Years Ago Because He Was ‘Too Young’

Clint Eastwood has a knack for knowing when the time is right to play a particular role. He hung on to the screenplay of Unforgiven because he thought he was too young at the time. Eastwood eventually turned the story into an award-winning movie in 1993. Now comes Cry Macho, another project he held on … Read more

Clint Eastwood, at 91, Directs and Stars in “Cry Macho,” His Least Macho, and Sweetest Film Yet

Home Movies Clint Eastwood, at 91, Directs and Stars in “Cry Macho,” His Least… Clint Eastwood is 91 years old, has directed and starred in his seventh movie in the last seven years. It’s kind of amazing.  As productive as Eastwood has been as a director and an actor, this recent run will be thought … Read more

In The Protector, Liam Neeson is a western hero in the shadow of Clint Eastwood

The Protector: Liam Neeson, back in action Between 1997 and 2014, Robert Lorenz was Clint Eastwood’s right-hand man. Over time he was gaining more and more responsibilities. After starting alongside him as a second unit director on titles like Absolute power and Midnight in the garden of good and evilHe went on to first serve … Read more

Scott Eastwood, the son of Clint Eastwood who overcame a personal tragedy and triumphs in Hollywood today | Film and Television

No one can say that Scott Eastwood haven’t had a mind-blowing career in Hollywood on its own merits. It may be that being the scion of one of the great legends of the Seventh Art has opened the odd door, but in front of the cameras young Scott has shown that knows how to function … Read more

91-Year-Old Clint Eastwood Says This 1 Thing Could Make Him Quit Acting

On Sept. 17, Clint Eastwood‘s latest movie as director and star, Cry Macho, will be released in theaters and on HBO Max. With the legendary actor/filmmaker being 91 years old, some may assume that this might be his last film, but he’s made no such decision. In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, … Read more

Clint Eastwood Refused to Verify Clan Size but Has at Least 8 Kids with 6 Women, Including Daughter Given up for Adoption

Clint Eastwood has repeatedly refused to verify the exact number of children he has acknowledged as his, but it is speculated that he has at least eight kids with six different women — meet them. Clint Eastwood is royalty as far as Hollywood is concerned. The dynamic man had had a very successful career that … Read more