Milan fashion week sells dreams to Generation Z

Milan fashion week sells dreams to Generation Z

It’s a slightly strange men’s fashion week held in Milan from January 14th to 18th. After a semblance of a return to normal during the October 2021 women’s shows, the Omicron variant has cast a chill. A majority of presentations took place by video, parades were canceled at the last minute, like those of Giorgio … Read more

Matthew McConaughey, Tori Kelly, and Scarlett Johansson talk big dreams, Bono, and ‘SING 2’

Matthew McConaughey Tori Kelly and Scarlett Johansson talk big dreams

The animated sequel opens in theaters December 22. #k5evening SEATTLE — Christmas is coming early for the kids who’ve been dying to see “SING 2.” The sequel to the animated smash hit opens Dec. 22 and promises to be another big success. Original cast members return and are joined by music legend Bono of U2, … Read more

Deep learning dreams up new protein structures

Journal Reference: Ivan Anishchenko, Samuel J. Pellock, Tamuka M. Chidyausiku, Theresa A. Ramelot, Sergey Ovchinnikov, Jingzhou Hao, Khushboo Bafna, Christoffer Norn, Alex Kang, Asim K. Bera, Frank DiMaio, Lauren Carter, Cameron M. Chow, Gaetano T. Montelione, David Baker. De novo protein design by deep network hallucination. Nature, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04184-w Proteins, which are string-like molecules … Read more

San Pedro, the small Ivorian town that dreams of modernity

San Pedro the small Ivorian town that dreams of modernity

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. View of the port of San Pedro, Ivory Coast, September 13, 2016. PATRICK FORT / AFP Tenon … Read more

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