The Cuadrado solution, the three-man defense and the doubts: how much Danilo will be missing from Juve

The Cuadrado solution the three man defense and the doubts how

The Brazilian will miss at least 9 league games, plus Champions and Super Cup: in the team no one like him knows how to change the skin of Juve between the three or four defensive lines. For this reason the technician will have to take decisively paths less traveled for now He is not one … Read more

Bears and Patriots to applause: Niners, Packers and Saints, how many doubts …

Bears and Patriots to applause Niners Packers and Saints how

Chicago with Fields and New England with Jones may have caught the taste of the future. San Francisco, forcing with Lance at 3. Green Bay, discharged by Rodgers, takes a cornerback Massimo Oriani @massimooriani April 30 – Milano Never before has the NFL draft sparked the interest of everyone, media, fans and professionals like this … Read more

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