Inzaghi: “We are masters of our destiny. We want the Champions League round of 16”

Inzaghi We are masters of our destiny We want the

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of the decisive match against Shakhtar: “The victory against Napoli will give us further confidence. I hope to recover the tired ones.” From our correspondent Luca Taidelli 23 november – APPIANO GENTILE (Como) The Champions League is back and tomorrow could be a decisive evening for Inter. After years … Read more

Kaziyski, Trento in destiny: third return with victory

Kaziyski Trento in destiny third return with victory

The link with the city, the player’s class and the broken relationship with the national team It’s been 14 years, but even in his re-return to Trento Matey Kaziyski immediately showed off all his class, just as he did the first time he wore the Itas shirt, in 2007. On the other hand now everyone … Read more

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