“Cross della Carsolina” in Sgonico: Nekagenet Crippa, what a protagonist!

Cross della Carsolina in Sgonico Nekagenet Crippa what a protagonist

From the women’s race to the junior races: this is how the 31st edition of the “Carsolina Cross” went Great competition on the meadows of Sgonico (Trieste) in the 31st edition of “Cross of Carsolina” third and final selection match for the European championships scheduled for 12 December in Dublin. With an absolute protagonist, Nekagenet … Read more

Figure skating, the first gold is Russian. Della Monica-Guarise eighth

Figure skating the first gold is Russian Della Monica Guarise eighth

In Stockholm the very young Mishina-Galliamov win among artistic couples. The Azzurri, with Ghilardi-Ambrosini 17th, guarantee Italy two places at the Beijing 2022 Games. Short men: Hanyu dominates, Rizzo 11th, Grassl 15th Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi March 25 – Milano The gold of the artistic pairs returns to Russia. Where, traditionally, it has always belonged, but … Read more

Rockstar Games: “vi sveliamo tutti i segreti della nuova GTA Trilogy”

Rockstar Games vi sveliamo tutti i segreti della nuova GTA

La nostra intervista a Rich Rosado, producer di Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, in uscita oggi 20 anni dopo il lancio originale di GTA III. “Liberty City è un posto sporco”, comincia così Rich Rosado ai nostri microfoni. Il producer di Rockstar Games lo sa bene: è già stato lì, in … Read more

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