Treviso, the Urc is back. Bortolami: “Foot play, defense and attack, we change”

Treviso the Urc is back Bortolami Foot play defense and

The Glasgow Warriors arrive in Treviso on Saturday, the goal is to win with a link in the standings. The Benetton coach speaks after the long break for the autumn test matches Ivan Malfatto 25 november – Milano “Out of the 23 players on the list we will have about ten returning from the autumn … Read more

The Cuadrado solution, the three-man defense and the doubts: how much Danilo will be missing from Juve

The Cuadrado solution the three man defense and the doubts how

The Brazilian will miss at least 9 league games, plus Champions and Super Cup: in the team no one like him knows how to change the skin of Juve between the three or four defensive lines. For this reason the technician will have to take decisively paths less traveled for now He is not one … Read more

Commander Nacho Brex: “Tackles and defense. That’s how Italy grows”

Commander Nacho Brex Tackles and defense Thats how Italy grows

The blue center born in Argentina will have his derby on Saturday: “Their bodies, it’s nice to challenge them” Simone Battaggia November 10 – Milano “I hope I have a few minutes to demonstrate what I can do,” said Ignacio Brex in January, when he still didn’t know if Franco Smith would call him up … Read more

Insect digestive enzyme activates sugar-containing plant defense substance

Journal Reference: Meret Huber, Thomas Roder, Sandra Irmisch, Alexander Riedel, Saskia Gablenz, Julia Fricke, Peter Rahfeld, Michael Reichelt, Christian Paetz, Nicole Liechti, Lingfei Hu, Zoe Bont, Ye Meng, Wei Huang, Christelle AM Robert, Jonathan Gershenzon, Matthias Erb. A beta-glucosidase of an insect herbivore determines both toxicity and deterrence of a dandelion defense metabolite. eLife, 2021; … Read more

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