Hamilton: “I live with the terror of Covid. Russell? I wish he were the next English champion”

Hamilton I live with the terror of Covid Russell I

The seven-time F1 champion at the German site Auto Motor und Sport: “The virus? I hold my breath when they talk to me, too many riders take it lightly. The disease was the worst moment of my life “ “The duel with Max? Special. In my career I have already fought against other world champions, … Read more

Covid, news di oggi: Ema approva vaccino per bambini, approvato decreto Super Green Pass. Friuli in zona gialla da lunedì

Covid news di oggi Ema approva vaccino per bambini approvato

Le ultime notizie di oggi giovedì 25 novembre sul Covid-19, Super Green Pass, obbligo vaccinale e terza dose di vaccino. Ok unanime del Cdm al decreto super green pass: valido solo per vaccinati e guariti, varrà dal 6 dicembre al 15 gennaio anche in zona bianca. Il green pass “base” sarà obbligatorio dal 6/12 anche … Read more

COVID patients on SSRI antidepressants are less likely to die, study finds

Journal Reference: Tomiko Oskotsky, Ivana Marić, Alice Tang, Boris Oskotsky, Ronald J. Wong, Nima Aghaeepour, Marina Sirota, David K. Stevenson. Mortality Risk Among Patients With COVID-19 Prescribed Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Antidepressants. JAMA Network Open, 2021; 4 (11): e2133090 DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.33090 The results add to a body of evidence indicating that SSRIs may have beneficial … Read more

Padua rematch, Rovigo beaten in extremis. And Covid returns to worry …

Padua rematch Rovigo beaten in extremis And Covid returns to

In the rematch of the championship final, Petrarca beats FemiCz 27-25 at the last second. However, the bogey pandemic returns to the championship with 2 postponed races Petrarca Padova against FemiCz Rovigo takes the revenge of the final scudetto in the same way in which he had lost it: winning in comeback at the last … Read more

Nightmare Mis-C, is an alarm for the post Covid syndrome affecting children

Nightmare Mis C is an alarm for the post Covid syndrome

The 6.8 million unvaccinated over 12s are not enough, nor the 42 million vaccinated people who have yet to take the third dose: against the growth of the infection the problem of vaccinating about 5 million under 12 could arise. some forms of long Covid, such as multisystem inflammatory syndrome (Mis-C), particularly affect young people … Read more

Covid: 96 new cases, 77 recovered and 2 deaths. ‘Free’ municipalities rise

Covid 96 new cases 77 recovered and 2 deaths Free

10 Nov 2021 12:58 There are 96 new cases of Covid-19 in Umbria recorded in the last 24 hours: the update is at 9.35 on Wednesday 10 November. The data relates to 9,628 swabs examined – 2,627 molecular swabs (total 1,204,556) and 7,001 antigenic (total 1,067,064) – for a positive percentage equal to 0.99% (Tuesday … Read more

Brown, 46 points after Covid: “I had the inhaler ready on the sidelines”

Brown 46 points after Covid I had the inhaler ready

The starlet protagonist of New York-Boston after 11 days of battle with the coronavirus. “I had trouble breathing, I overcame them with meditation” He scored 46 points in a game with two overtime, setting a new record for a Boston Celtics player in his first game of the season. There would be nothing strange, given … Read more

Covid, Dpcm Taekwondo, Treviso: “We will meet with sedentary children”

Covid Dpcm Taekwondo Treviso We will meet with sedentary children

The latest decree of the Conte government to stem the contagion from Covid-19 has once again put contact sports to a severe test: the former European bronze medalist, Claudio Treviso, is the spokesperson for the problems related to taekwondo Taekwondo was one of the first contact sports to restart, thanks to the great work of … Read more

Atleti and Covid, Volpi’s recipe: “I would only play the vaccinated”

Atleti and Covid Volpis recipe I would only play the

Symptoms and consequences, the discussion on sport after the pandemic at the Festival dello Sport. La Vallortigara: “Tiredness and inflammation, getting out of it was hard” “Sport after Covid”: it is a theme that, at various levels, concerns many, everyone. This is the theme being debated at the Muse. With the participation of Elena Vallortigara, … Read more

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