Jacobs challenges Bolt: “You and me against flag-stealing, but for charity”

Jacobs challenges Bolt You and me against flag stealing but for

It took a week. But eventually the answer came. And it is a disenchanted, ironic answer. THE SINK — Last Sunday, Usain Bolt, speaking from Dubai, guest of personal sponsors during the Expo, said: “I missed not competing at the Olympics. It was frustrating to watch the races from home, on TV. I would have … Read more

From the “Home Community” to the challenges: taekwondo becomes social

From the Home Community to the challenges taekwondo becomes social

La Fita has joined the project of the Ministry of Youth Policies and Sports through direct Instagram face to face with the Azzurri on topics such as training and nutrition. But it also launched the “FightingFromHome” challenge, a real social tournament. In May the big surprise: Tekken 7 Taekwondo In quarantine, sport becomes social. Fita … Read more

Windisch and the challenges of 2022: from the Cup to the Olympics

Windisch and the challenges of 2022 from the Cup to

Towards the debut in Oestersund, where the blue became world champion. “Then I’ll have to plan the wedding too” Windisch is the man of the wind and often seizes the moment. This is how it happened in the Sprint night of the PyeongChang 2018 Games: Dominik was able to conquer the bronze first alone and … Read more

Study challenges standard ideas about piezoelectricity in ferroelectric crystals

Journal Reference: Bo Wang, Fei Li, Long‐Qing Chen. Inverse Domain‐Size Dependence of Piezoelectricity in Ferroelectric Crystals. Advanced Materials, 2021; 2105071 DOI: 10.1002/adma.202105071 Ferroelectric materials possess spontaneous electric dipole moments that can be reversibly flipped by applying an electric field. Domains are areas in the ferroelectric crystal that have the dipole moments aligned in the same … Read more

An ATP 500, the expansion of the WTA and Del Potro’s goal | The challenges of the organizers of the Argentina Open

An ATP 500 the expansion of the WTA and Del

Argentine tennis enjoyed a historic week at the beginning of November. For the first time in 34 years, a WTA-caliber tournament was played on national soil: the Argentina Open, WTA 125 category, took place at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, featured ten local players in the main draw and had as champion the Hungarian … Read more

From Boniperti and Riva to Balotelli and Darmian: the blue heroes of the “inside or outside” challenges

From Boniperti and Riva to Balotelli and Darmian the blue

There are many “play-offs” matches in the history of the national team’s qualifications for the World Cup or European Championships. The first with Egypt in 1953. And 3 times we wiped out Switzerland From Boniperti to Balotelli, from Gigi Riva to El Shaarawy. The challenges without tomorrow of the National team in the post-war period … Read more

Football: surprise team challenges Bavaria

Football surprise team challenges Bavaria

“We have an initial situation that nobody could have expected,” said Freiburg captain Christian Günter. “Maybe after the third match day you can go to the top game in Munich as SC Freiburg. But after ten match days, I don’t think that was the case. ”In fact, this constellation is unique: the fact that both … Read more

Football and padel, a winning understanding. And what challenges between Totti, Albertini, Di Biagio and Candela

Football and padel a winning understanding And what challenges between

The Cupra Padel Tour ends today. Yesterday animated by the (more or less) friendly matches between the former players, paired with the best in the ranking. The former Giallorossi captain won Francesco Pietrella October 31st – ROMA The mood of the tournament can be understood already in the middle of the morning, under the Roman … Read more

Challenges with ourselves, doping and dangerous ambitions: how much sport is Alice nella Città

Challenges with ourselves doping and dangerous ambitions how much sport

The autonomous section, which already has its winners, has always dedicated space to sport. We have chosen three special films: “Takeaway” also inspired by the story of Giuliana Salce, the docufilm about Veronica Yoko Plebani “Body to body” and “Natural left-handed” about a mother ready to do anything for the success of her footballer son. … Read more

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