Almost 25 years on, one of the stars of Face/Off tells a personal Nic Cage story

He’s a class act, is Nicolas Cage. Alessandro Nivola is one of those actors we’re glad to see finally get his due. He’s often been one of the best things in a long list of great independent films, stealing scenes in the likes of A Most Violent Year, The Art of Self-Defense and The Neon … Read more

Mike Colter gives new details about what we will see in Marvel’s Luke Cage

Mike Colter, actor who stars Marvel´s Luke Cage, has been present at the convention Wizard World that is celebrated in saint Louis and where he has given details of how the series will be Marvel already roll for Netflix. With a release scheduled for later this year, Colter will play the leading role in a … Read more

BUTCHER’S CROSSING: Frontier Film Featuring Nicolas Cage Picked Up By Saban Films

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Nicolas Cage Says Wife Riko Shibata’s Pet Flying- Daily Research Plot

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Nicolas Cage Will Be In The Lead Role In The Movie: The Old Way

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Criticism of Jiu Jitsu with Nicolas Cage: Better find another way to waste time

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Mike Colter would be open to playing Luke Cage again

It’s been almost a year since Netflix decided to cancel Luke Cage and Iron Fist, beginning the end of the Marvel universe created for the platform. But after two seasons playing the hero of Harlem, the actor Mike Colter not ready to say goodbye. Promoting his new series for CBS, Evil, Colter answered questions about … Read more

‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’: Release date, spoilers and all about Nicolas Cage film

In what will probably be the most outlandish and bizarre roles in Nicholas Cage’s career, who has been seen more in direct-to-video flicks than making silver screen appearances in recent times, ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ now sees him play a notorious criminal tasked to pull off a rescue mission by heading off into a dark … Read more