Beyond Star Wars: Mark Hamill’s Best Roles in Film and Television

Mark Hamill is known in many places as the actor who played Luke Skywalker in two Star Wars trilogies, making a huge impact on film, science fiction, and popular culture as a young man who grew up to be a Master. Jedi who until in his last days was a fundamental piece for that galaxy … Read more

Reasons Suicide Squad is better than public and underrated

While it has been five years since the release of this DC Comics adaptation by Warner Bros., there has been a lot of disappointment and disrespectful comments about the Suicide Squad movie – 25%. Many have shared their dislike, disapproval, and general disappointment for her through various social media platforms and reviews. Some felt that … Read more

Disney R-Rated Movies

Disney’s reputation has always been to create content geared for all ages, or at least a fairly wide range, and that families can enjoy their movies and series. That is why the way this company makes its productions has always been compared to those of other studios, which do not put so many restrictions on … Read more

Hellsing: Actors Who Could Play Alucard in the Live-Action Adaptation

It is clear that Hollywood is very committed to creating live-action adaptations of various popular manga and anime, and although there has already been a lot of success, for example looking at the tireless fan base surrounding the feature film Battle Angel: The Last Warrior. – 55%, studies are not slowing down at all. Additionally, … Read more

The best Bradley Cooper films according to critics

Few actors dare to make the leap from acting to directing, but Bradley Cooper has done so and his work paid off with the success of the film A Star Is Born – 92%. On this tape Cooper He acted, directed and produced the remake where he plays an established country music star with a … Read more

What happened to Julia Stiles, star of 10 Things I Hate About You?

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you’ve seen Julia Stiles on screen more than once. She was once a promising queen of teen cinema, but the actress has grown up and over time has not been seen as much as before. The race of Julia Stiles was riding high in the late … Read more

Star Wars: Holdo’s Sacrifice Problem for the Franchise

There are many unforgettable moments in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91%, but it’s hard for either of them to beat Admiral Holdo’s attack at lightning speed against Supreme Leader Snoke’s flagship. This attack known as “the Holdo maneuver” is a fitting tribute to the leader of the Resistance and to that side, no … Read more